Sunday, November 1, 2009

Thursday Night

After the great Tuesday night, nothing happened Wednesday or Thursday. Well, not until the end.

Other than an appreciative kiss on Wednesday morning for the Tuesday night festivies, there was no playing on Wednesday or Thursday. Not even a smidge. Of course, that made me bummed. I realized that while my desires were becoming heightened because of the chastity, hers were doing just the opposite! Since she had been getting relief all the time, she's not going to be ready to rock every night.

Anyway, I was very tired from work, so I had gone to bed at 10:00 on Thursday. She was still watching tv downstairs and came up at about 10:15. I don't fall asleep quickly, so I was still awake when she came upstairs. She had a glass of water with ice.

"You're asleep already?"

"Yea, I'm tired and I have lots of work tomorrow."

"Oh, well, I brought ice."

That last comment confused me. She then said, "off with your underwear." Hmmm, this was coming out of left field, but I was all for it.

She took an ice cube and started dripping it on my cock. She then starting rubbing it all over by cock and balls, commnenting on how that must hurt. Despite the cold, I was still rock hard and liking the effect. She even starting sucking my balls and cock every once in a while - and the heat of her mouth in contrast to the cold was incredible.

Once the ice cube melted, she told me to put my underwear back and go to sleep.

Crazy. And I wasn't expecting that.

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