Friday, October 29, 2010

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Good News, I guess!

We were talking recently, just in general, what we liked about sex. It wasn't a "tell me your deep dark secrets" kind of thing. It was things like "I like being on top more than missionary", "do you like doggie style more than on top" etc.

She stated that her favorite position is her on top (Cowgirl), with me using my fingers or some vibrating mechanism. The combination of penetration and clitorial stimulation really brings it all together for her. That position also hits her g-spot as much as it can straight intercourse, so that helps too. And, she really enjoys that she can go at whatever pace she wants.

And that's the good news, of course! One reason I don't believe I'll ever be able to convince her on extended periods of chastity, though, is because there is no way that when we are in that position that I can hold out before she's done. Just never going to happen. That's why I'm really considering buying one of those penis sheaths (also called extenders), or something to cover me up so that I don't feel it to make me last longer.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


No updates, but some great pix.

I have to give credit where I found them. If you get the chance, check out It's great.

Of course, I didn't re-blog them all, just ones that I found particularly interesting.

This first one is a no-brainer for me. What I wouldn't give for my wife to order me into this. I have to admit that the photo is probably a classic male centered view of domination (the garter belt with stockings and blouse), but still. For me, reading the book, enjoying the champagne and the position do it all for me.

I love this one for the pure torture. I'm sure it's still pleasurable for him, but clearly not what he wants. In my mind, she doesn't even let him finish off, even with the fleshlight.

Along the same lines of the first one, this photo captures the pure fun she's having with him. She doesn't want to be bothered, she wants to read her book, but she also wants to make sure that he's teased and denied. There's no way she can stroke consistently enough, long enough, or hard enough while reading the book because she's too engrossed in the book. So he'll just have to suffer, standing there hard for however long she wants.

These next ones are not from dishevelleddomina. I don't remember where I got them, so if they are yours and wish for me to take them down, please let me know. Regardless, can you imagine walking around the corner and finding her? She's confident, intelligent (obviously - she's reading books in the library!), she has fashion sense, she's proud of who she is, and she does not care what others think about her. She's a real woman. Wow.

Again, this woman is in charge. She wants the kiss. She is doing this all for her pleasure and she wants his cock. She'll do whatever she wants and he'll do whatever she wants.

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Slow Dance

There was no full blown discussion about the "why" she did what she did the last time. But we did discuss sex in general. As you will recall, the last event occurred with me pleasing her orally and with hands. The time before that was the same.

While she loves that.......she emphatically expressed that she needs direct intercourse. She's not that big on toys, much preferring me instead of a dildo or vibrator. So, even if were able to engage in full blown chastity, I'm sure it couldn't be a long term chastity, unless there were simply no sexual encounters.

The problem (for me), is that there is an inverse relationship between the number of orgasms I have and the length of time I can hold out during sex. More and frequent orgasms = much longer staying power. Longer chastity = going off very quickly.

It's the "longer chastity = going off very quickly" that is the problem in intercourse. If she's needing/wanting a good session that way, if I've been in chastity, I simply will not last long enough to satisfy her.

And the reason I'm concerned about this is, well, if I ever hope to sell her on the idea of chastity, I want her to be happy and fulfilled too. This presents as stumbling block.

Now, there are definite ways to deal with the issue, so it's not a complete bar. The easiest solution is actually something that I would be completely happy with: it's all her decision. Chastity would be all up to her anyway - meaning she would have authority to determine how long it would last. One week? Two? 6 months? Whatever she wanted. Some might consider my willingness to allow her to decide not a risk at all because I know that she would never pick 6 months. She would not want to go without intercourse for 6 months.

And, of course, I'm getting wayyyyyyyyy ahead of myself because we're not even there yet!