Friday, April 27, 2012

Love it

Nothing major - nothing earth shattering to report, but what happened last night was great!

Woke up in the morning and took a shower.  Unfortunately, a very luke warm shower.  Put the hot water knob all the way on, but it never got hot.  When I got out, I warned her about taking a shower and went to make sure the water heater hadn't sprung a leak at night.  It looked fine at my quick look, but I had to go to work.

Texted her about whether there was hot water later in the day and she said there wasn't.  She claimed that there was nothing she knew about that would have caused the problem.

When I got home we talked for a long time (had to go have dinner with my mother - my wife was at sports games with kids etc) so it was rather late.  I was still in my suit.  As we were talking about the day, I asked about the water heater again and she had no idea.  So I went out to the heater and looked at it again.  Checked the gas lines, the water, and finally checked the pilot light.  It was off.  That was weird, but she explained that she turned the heater off that day while I was out.  I re-lit the pilot light and got it working again.  I was still confused about the whole thing.

While in the garage, she mentioned her bike seat was not staying put and needed to be fixed, so I fixed it.

Later that night, she said, "you know, the other day I cleaned out the garage with one of those blowers, I must have blown out the pilot light."  She laughed and then said something like "your life would be so boring without me."  I laughed and immediately agreed with her.

Even later that night, as soon as we got in bed, without saying anything, rolled on top of me and starting kissing me.  Straddling me, she eventually started grinding on me, and once I was hard, took my underwear off, took her own underwear off, guided me in, and rode me till she came.  Of course, I came before she did, but she never stopped until she was finished.

She has hardly ever done that in our marriage or sex life.  That was definitely new.  And absolutely fabulous!

In fact, all of the interactions were fabulous that day.  I'm one lucky sob.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Click on the link to read this article.

If I failed to properly link it, or you just haven't read it, here are the essential facts: The website (which controls many many sites - but ones you have heard of are "men in pain," "divine bitches," "whipped ass," "TS Seduction," and many other BDSM type porn) is located in San Francisco. By "located in San Francisco" I mean that all of this porn is actually produced in a building called "The Armory" in S.F.

This is a very old building that has a long and interesting history in S.F. Only recently has portions of it been used for porn production. offers tours of the building, which give an actual history of the building that has been used for other purposes, but also gives tours of the porn production floors. According to Yelp reviews, it is very rare that the tour sees any actual porn - mainly just props etc.

Anyway, Groupon offers discounts on a wide variety of products, goods, services, etc. They apparently offered a discount on the tours offered by

But now, some "anti-obscenity" group is urging people to boycott Groupon for selling that tour offer. Here's the thing I don't understand - and probably never will - even if you personally do not like porn and you think things like BDSM and TS are "morally reprehensible", stop trying to tell me what the hell to do with my time and money.

I don't go and tell those people that they should spend less time watching stupid, boring, banal TV and hiking more, even if I believe that is a better way to spend time.

On the other hand - they are just telling "their own members", meaning members of their Morality in Media group members, to boycott Groupon. That's fine. They should spend their time informing people about Groupon's practices, and's practices, so that their own like minded members can decide on their own whether they wish to continue to subscribe to Groupon.

Meanwhile, the owner, Peter Acworth is quoted as saying: Acworth added that the tour also “helps fulfill our mission of demystifying and celebrating” consensual bondage sex, which regards as “a positive, authentic expression of human sexuality.”

Couldn't agree more.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mmmm, books

Have to post this pic. So sexy.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Notice of Discipline (Spanked by My Lady)

I've noticed that the "Notice of Discipline" has been shooting through the tumblr world out there. I'm referring to

Everyone is re-blogging it, and I'm a little distressed that no one is giving any credit to the great blog called Spanked by My Lady (

The person who runs that site CREATED that Notice of Discipline and for him to not get any credit is not nice. Te person who runs that blog is a gentleman, intelligent, and generous. And that blog is simply very good. It is well written and interesting.

Please give credit where credit is due.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


It's called Ciaté Caviar Manicure™ - (doesn't actually go on the lips!) Sooooooooo want to use that on her, but just can't ever see her wanting it.

Monday, April 9, 2012


Would hate to see the chastity device that key goes to!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sad.......but good.

Some things have happened in my life recently that have been very sad. Nothing to do with my relationship with my wife, but some seriously difficult things.

The good thing, however, is that she's been extremely supportive, helpful and loving. As I go through this, my service efforts have waned. I have not been able to clean as much as previously done, I have not been able to do the little things for her, I have not been as attentive in doing in her nails, making her coffee in the morning, or any of the other things I have been previously trying to do for her.

And while that in and of itself is sad, I think it has revealed some things to her. For the longest time, when discussing the idea of being "submissive" to her, I have been trying to explain that it's not some sniveling worm, on his hands and knees, begging his mistress for the right to lick her boots. I have been trying to explain the loving aspects of a FLR/WLM, the service and the fact that it is not some outward thing that all people would recognize as some kinky game. I don't know that she has ever really understood that, or what it meant in practical terms.

This unfortunate series of events have given her a better understanding, I think, of what our relationship has been moving towards, even if she hadn't previously consciously acknowledged it. While she is sensitive to my current situation, she has noticed those things waning, expressing herself verbally. It's that direct verbal acknowledgment that shows this is something she does crave. It's been expressed by her irrespective of me asking. It's validation that she actually likes it.

One particular exchange illustrated a portion of this. Our child was taking a bath, and this child hates having hair washed. My wife, a relative and I were upstairs and she turned to me and said "[My name] is going to wash [child's name] hair." My immediate response "No I'm not. I'll wash the dishes, but I'm not going to wash [child's name} hair." She immediately said "No?" with a sense of shock and frustration. Not anger. She didn't really like my "no" response and was kind of surprised by it. Her reaction wasn't one where, if this were a Femdom story, she'd say something like "you are saying 'no' to your Mistress," or "you'll get your discipline later for disobeying me" etc.

Instead, this was an immediate response by her which cemented in my own mind that she is adopting a more WLM even if she doesn't know it herself. The reason she reacted the way she did is because I don't talk to her like that. Nor do I generally say "no" to her when she tells me to do something. I made the decision around the time when I started this blog to not say "no" to her and have tried over the years to do things for her without her asking. Her reaction is more evidence to me that we are more in the WLM than I previously thought. And it makes me happy.

Of course, I still crave a more open and frequent acknowledgment from her. And there are many sexual things that I would love to engage in. But those pale in comparison to the happiness I felt by her reaction.