Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Photos

Got these from

Love this first one. She's thoroughly enjoying it. She's looking down at him with approval - like he's doing a very good job. He's focused on her, keeping her legs up.

This one touches many of my favorites. I have a thing for books and libraries. Should I ever become incredibly rich, one thing I'd want is a huge study, lined with books. It may sound odd, but women getting naughty in a library really get me going. Being in a place with so much knowledge and so many different worlds to explore that she becomes horny - well, seriously, that's unbelievably sexy.

Now this picture just gets my imagination running wild. I imagine she's at home, with her husband in chastity. She knows how turned on he gets when she teases and how sexy she looks to him when she reads. So she's just sitting there, in her little corner, waiting for him to walk by and see her. The look on her face in the photo is the exact time in which she sees the look on his face when he first encounters this scene. Mmmmm, delicious.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Life Interrupts

These things are cyclical, but man, we've barely had time to see each other, let alone anything fun together recently. Hoping for some alone time this weekend.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Photo

The shoe dangle is an underated move by women. Many women are clueless on the effect they have on men when they do it. Other women, however, are very very knowledgeable.

Besides the shoes dangle, I love the slight peek of the left breast and the panties, and the divine legs and smile. (Yet again, though, the decor is really odd. The chair? The fan?)

Monday, May 10, 2010

I was wrong, I think

In my "Formality" post I wrote: "Since the conclusion, however, I have made the gradual effort to introduce WLM to her, to no apparent, broad based success."

A couple of days after that post, we were eating dinner and, completely out of the blue, she just blurted out, "you know, I think I'm going to have your Dad paint my toe-nails tonight. I really need a new color."

While I initially thought my efforts to introduce WLM had fallen on deaf ears, I now believe that I was wrong. Why? Well, I believe that she would never have made that comment, or even have that specific desire, had I never given her pedicures in the past as part of our discussions of me being submissive. Of course, in her mind, she probably didn't think "I know that my husband wants me to be in charge. I have to come up with things that I can make him do. I think I'll have him do my toe-nails." No, instead, she probably just wanted a new color and thought I'll have him do them for me.

The more things that she identifies that she enjoys, and the more that she becomes more and more comfortable with asking for them to be done, and the more that I identify her needs and meet those needs, the closer we get to a WLM.

Now, for a variety of reasons, the pedicure did not happen last night. I could have, and have done in the past, sent an email to her about how happy I was that she asked that, telling her much it turned me on, and telling her that the other things she did over the weekend turned me on and were great Femdom things etc. I know that she doesn't respond particularly well to those types of emails. Instead, I simply told her that since we didn't the chance for the pedicure last night, that I would love to do it for her tonight and asked her what color she wanted. She responded with a color and a smiley face and that was the end of the exchange. Which is a great thing. She's not weirded out, but she knows I liked it, and she's looking forward to it tonight.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Picture

I think everyone who reads my blog will look at this and smile.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I have had some people ask me if I have ever approached my wife with a formal request to adopt of WLM or FLR. I have not.

I introduced "The Game" in October, which was the first formal request for anything overtly Femdom or more hardcore kink. At the time it was introduced, it was not designed to surreptitiously introduce a WLM into the relationship. It was purely a kink/sex game. That Game was fun, for both of us, and I think it was an important first step.

As many know, introducing the vanilla wife to the kink before the other aspects of WLM is usually not recommended. I think the difference for me and our relationship was that she always knew of my kink, but not necessarily of the "submissive" streak. Sure, the kink included BDSM, but we've done both. There were many times in the past that I did many things to her (tied her up, blindfold, food, ice, toys, teasing etc.). In a way, the kink was not a surprise to her.

Now, the Game wasn't necessarily some part of a master plan to introduce a WLM to her. We hadn't engaged in any kink in a long time and I was inspired to create that Game.

Since the conclusion, however, I have made the gradual effort to introduce WLM to her, to no apparent, broad based success. I've confessed my submissive desires to her, we've engaged in my things that are considered WLM, and I've volunteered to, and done, many acts of service to her that is detailed in previous posts. She has enjoyed all of this, but yet has never made any effort to take it any further.

In fact, I firmly believe that if I never brought up my serving her, pampering her, or anything like that, she would never bring it up again. Same thing with the kink aspect. If I never brought out any toys, or cuffs, she would never do it on her own.

The question then has been - why have you not asked her specifically to adopt a WLM or trying a WLM "boot camp" or something.

The short answer to that question is: because I don't think she's at a point where she would be receptive to that suggestion. I have my doubts that she'll ever be ready or willing to engage in it, but regardless, I just think that her reaction right now would be one of the following:

a. To be weirded out by the formality, uncomfortable with it and afraid that it would require significant effort to create domestic and sexual scenarios, all of which she would not know what to do; or
b. To engage in it as another "game", but not really have her heart in it to adopt it as a lifestyle change.

This may be just too much analysis and trepidation on my part. I have struggled with how to properly and effectively communicate my thoughts to her so as to avoid those fears, but haven't figured it out yet.

Should I suggest the idea, and attempt to incorporate the idea, too soon, I fear it would ruin the idea for the foreseeable future.

So, that's the explanation as to why I haven't done it yet. I continue to contemplate how to approach her.