Saturday, August 27, 2011

Excellent Pic

I wish I could link correctly - still haven't perfected that.

This pic is from

I just love the pic. She's happy/smiling and clearly having fun with the situation. Sex is fun! People are, in general, wayyyyyyy to uptight about it. Enjoy yourself and your partner in whatever way you want!

I love the fact that the bottle of KY lubricant is visible in the background. Tells me that this isn't a "staged" photo. These people are ready to play.

There isn't much else to update on my front. Still having fun, but haven't tried to introduce the device again.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Other Night

My last post was "this happened last night." The events described in this post happened that same night, which brought a little bit of more understanding in my situation.

Long story short - we made love, with me getting the release. It was initiated by her and all very good. The more interesting part was that afterward, she brought up the tease and denial issue on her own. She just began talking about how she does understand the whole denial thing when I describe what I like about it, but that she also still has a little bit of a guilt type reaction in doing the denial. This was not said in any negative fashion, more of a description of what she feels.

She likes the tease and denial, likes doing it, and likes it when she finally brings me off because of how much I react. It's the reaction she can elicit from me, both in the teasing part, but also the ending part!

The part I'm not describing well is what she talked about regarding the "guilt" or "feeling bad" in the denial part. I'm not describing it well because it's not something that bothers her. She has no negative reaction in general to the whole thing, it's just that she still does feel a little "bad" about denying me. I assured her that if she ever teased and then denied me, I would never ever get mad at her and that I would in fact love it. She emphatically stated she knew that and understood that.

The good thing, of course, is that she continues to enjoy doing it and I do believe that it will continue. I would like it to be more frequent and more permanent, but I understand that for right now I should be very happy with what she is comfortable with. Maybe as the years go by it will become more natural for her and she will not have the guilt part at all, but we'll see.

She is going away this weekend. I am trying to decide whether to request being put in the device while she is gone. As with everything with her on that front, I'll have to be careful when to bring it up, if at all. She really has to be in the "mood" to increase the chances of a positive reaction. When I say in the mood, I don't mean a sexual mood. I mean in a good mood: she is happy with me, happy with us, and the kids haven't been driving her crazy. I'll try my best to make all of that happen, to see if she is willing to do it.

Friday, August 12, 2011

This Happened Last Night

No, this is not a pic of us. But this happened last night. She never makes this position happen on her own. I'm always the one to manuever it to happen this way. That doesn't detract from my enjoyment! When doing it, she usually grabs on like this, more for stability than anything.

She got me off too, but that's for a different post.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hmmmm, Interesting

There is much good news on my front!! Our relationship is progressing in the chastity/wlm arena and I'm very excited about the future.

As you know, I previously asked for orgasm control from her, which she agreed to. Since that time, we've been "practicing" male chastity, but it hasn't actually felt like it to me because it was without a device and it just never felt like she was actually denying me.

Essentially, the rule was that I could no longer have any orgasms without her permission. But, without wearing a device, I could always masturbate on my own without her knowledge. And whenever we had sex, there was hardly ever any direction/demand by her to not cum or anything like that. There was no outward denial. It was more of an unspoken rule and while I was denied, it was not really discussed or brought up by her.

In other words, my perception of the "male chastity" was that I would not cum until we engaged in sexual relations. If we had sex once a week, 99% of the time, I would be cumming during that session.

That was part of the reason why I tried to introduce the CB-6000 in the first place. Then, the whole situation with the CB-6000 led me to believe that she liked it, but that unless I asked for it again, she wouldn't do it on her own.

Well, she still hasn't introduced the device again, but on Sunday we were in bed after a long day, just relaxing before going to sleep. I was leaving for business on Monday and not returning till Tuesday. Out of the blue, she reached down and started to gently touch me through my boxers. This surprised me because usually if we are going to have sex she needs a lot more warming up before going straight for the groin. I wasn't particularly in the mood, but her direct approach, without even asking, got me in the mood very quickly.

I began kissing her and figuring she was horny, brought her off to two G-Spot orgasms and one clitoral. She was very happy. After she calmed down, she began stroking me through my boxers again! I fully expected her to take them off and we would either have intercourse or something else, but she continued to lazily, slowly and very sensually rub me through my boxers. I was ready to burst, leaking pre-cum all over the place. She showed no signs of doing anything other than what she was continuing to do, yet if she did continue, I was going to cum.

I was getting closer and closer and then she suddenly just stopped. She said that was "enough for tonight" and that I would have to wait until I got back from my trip! She then said "I want you thinking about me on your trip."

I was loving it. Not only because this is what I've wanted for a long time, but also because it was done completely out of the blue by her. It was her idea. This was not me dropping hints and her acting on them. It was not me asking for it and her doing it because I asked. This was her doing it on her own decision. Whether she sat there thinking "I wonder what I can do to make him happy" or whether she sat there and thought "I really want to play with him because it makes me really happy" or a combo of both, it's all very very good.

There was a fine line that I did not want to cross with this at that time. I didn't want to get overly exuberant, possibly turning her off, but I also wanted to make sure she knew just how much I loved what she did. After we had been laying there, cuddling for a few minutes, I leaned over, kissed her, said I loved her and then said "thank you for tonight." She definitely understood the meaning behind the "thank you."

I left the next morning very happy. We texted and talked throughout the day, but nothing specific about the night before. Eventually, we texted about our days and she said she was doing fine, just going through work crap. I replied "ditto, but I have blue ones right now, so I'm loving it." She replied "great, exactly what I planned :)." She texted some other funny stuff about it later than night too while I was gone.

It was only a one day trip, so the Tuesday night I was in bed early waiting for her to finish her routine in the bathroom. I was wondering what was going to happen, if anything. We were happy to see each other and everything was great, but still didn't know if there would be any sex that night.

Once she got in bed, she immediately went for me again. Instantly hard at her touch and we started lightly kissing. She then forced me on my back and scootched down, taking off my underwear. I just loved the control she was exerting. She was calling the shots. I'm usually the one who initiates, or who takes the kissing to the next level. Instead, it was all her again.

She was manipulating me with her hands for a couple of minutes and then began to lick and suck. Wow. She had me writhing very soon. She wasn't fully going down, instead doing the slow licks. Sometimes taking me fully into her mouth, but not going fast. I fully expected that she would bring me off that night, but again, instead she suddenly stopped and said "sorry, you don't get to cum tonight. Maybe tomorrow, maybe not" and laughed a very playful laugh!!!!!

I was sooooo turned on by the stroking, partial bj, previous nights, her attitude and the fact that she had actually denied me, that I couldn't help but yank her close and ravish her with kisses. We kissed so passionately for a while, I didn't want to stop. I tried to take off her shorts, but she said no saying she was already happy enough and just enjoyed what she had done to me. I told her that denying me from going down on her was worse than denying me an orgasm! Eventually, we calmed down and she said it was time to sleep.

Again, just like the other night, I was laying there desperately trying to figure out the perfect words to say that would convey how incredibly happy I was, without turning the loving moment into something cheap and fetishy. I finally just hugged her, kissed and said "at the risk of ruining it by talking about it, I can't tell you enough how happy I am and am loving what you're doing." She smiled and kissed me, saying "I know."

From where we were, to now, it's all a very good thing. We are closer. We are communicating more. It's not even about me - yes I'm loving this - but she's doing this all on her own. I haven't brought up the device, or even T&D for a long time, and yet she did this all on her own.

Again, I'm taking this all in perspective. I don't expect this to be weekly, let alone daily, type of interaction. She will not graduate into a full WLM like described by Uniquely Rika or other prominent bloggers like "subservient husband", at least not right now. Those things could be done in the far future, but not now. But more and more instances such as these definitely are welcome and encouraging. The more she finds things she enjoys and implements them on her own accord, the happier we are.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Attempt at a Creampie

As you know, she did not put me back into the device after she let me out. For the next couple of days, we still engaged in some sexual relations, but nothing "blog worthy."

For people who have read my entire blog, they'll know that I find eating creampies very exciting. I've done it before, but it is very infrequent. One reason is that I'm the stereotypical guy who finds this idea extremely hot, but immediately after orgasming, the desire immediately disappears and I can't get down there to finish the job. This is extremely common from what I understand from reading other people's feelings on the subject. There have been many times before where I've made that decision prior to cuming and then not going through with it afterward.

So, in mid May, without any continued chastity device, I was trying to figure out ways to keep things moving forward. Along with that idea, I decided to eat a creampie from her, or anywhere else it ended up. Whether it was on her, in her, in her mouth, or on me, I made the determination that I would somehow consume it.

My way to "force" myself down there is, immediately after cumming, to start kissing her, caressing her, anything to keep going again, to get me hornier again. It usually works. After a minute or two of continuing with her, I get excited enough to want to go down there.

So, the chance eventually presented itself. It had been a long time since we had actual intercourse. Sure, we had engaged in sexual relations: me giving her lots of orgasms, she had given me that handjob and blowjob, but no intercourse for a while. I could tell that night, after we started, that she really wanted intercourse, so away we went. I was on top this time.

I came, and then was able to bring her off, and then I rested on top of her. We had both calmed down after a while and I started kissing her again. I then slowly made my way down to her breasts for a while, then down to her stomach, inching my way towards my goal. As I kept going lower, she realized where I was headed and she said "whoa, what are doing?"

I could tell she didn't want me to eat her out, but figured it was because I had just cum in her. Kind of laughing, I said "Nothing. Just going to try to make you happy."

I curious what her response would be. She then said that she was already very happy, she was too sensitive, and she didn't want me to continue. Interestingly, she didn't mention that I had just cum in her.

This type of scenario has happened before. Where I've eaten the creampie and was never sure if she even realized it. Still not sure if she realized it that night. I know some would say "she surely has to know" but honestly, I don't think she thinks like that a lot of the times.

And my belief that she doesn't really think about it was even more proven to me very recently. I'm jumping around the timeline here, but the last time we made love, I had again decided to eat the creampie. This time she was on top. I personally like her being on top because I can last longer and I can use my hands on her to bring her off to a great orgasm.

While she is multiorgasmic, she does need a little bit of down time before more stimulation to her clitoris occurs. So, after she was done, I again waited for a bit, both for her and for me. She was still sitting on top of me and I had her lean down to kiss me. Eventually, I pushed her back up so she was sitting on top with me still in her, with her legs still curled back.

While I have eaten creampies before they've all been when she was laying down. I've never done it with me on my back and her sitting on my face. This was going to be a first for me.

I pushed her further back at the waist so I could grab both of her legs and pull her up to my face quickly. As I began to grab her legs, she realized what I was going to have her do and she made a comment along the lines of "oh, we're still going?" It was more a comment about continuing sex in general, as opposed to anything related to a creampie.

Instead of responding, I just pulled her up quickly. It was night, so I couldn't really see, but as I pulled her up, I could feel a quick drop onto my chest before I was able to put my mouth under her. Immediately upon doing so I got a big rush of my cum into my mouth.

I've watched creampie eating porn and most of the time, this is the manuever that they use, where you can see the cum drip out. Usually, the woman is several feet above the guy (or girl) so you can see it drip all the way down, and I've always wanted to have the sensation - of it dripping into my mouth.

I have to say, it was actually better than I had hoped. The smell, the taste and the feel of her was new, different and delicious. Eating her, in this position, was definitely better than with her laying down. And maybe it was because I had been in her for so long and had quickly pulled her off, but her pussy was more open, much much more slick and different than any time before.

I loved every second of it and have almost made up in my mind to do it all of the time! The kicker ............. again, I don't think she understood/realized what I had just done!!!!!!! She never said a word, one way or the other. I just think that the thought "he must have eaten a huge load of his own cum when he did that" ever crossed her mind. I am incredulous too - how could someone not realize that occurred? I don't know. I just think that if she really realized what happened, she would have said something. Either that it was gross, or hot, or, well, anything! Or maybe she just chose to ignore it.

Not sure. Despite that hot night, though, I know it doesn't change my view of eating creampies. I know that, no matter what, as soon as I cum, the desire leaves.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Taller Than Me

We recently went out to the movies. She surprised me. I came home from work on a random day and she told me to change to go out. She didn't tell me where we were going or what we were doing, just to change. So, I did!

When we were ready to leave, she was dressed in jeans, a normal summer top, but was wearing new shoes. They were these "type" of shoes, though a completely different color and pattern:

The shoe height, type and heal, however, were very similar. It's a tall heal. She was taller than me when wearing them. As we were leaving, she commented that she was taller than me and it was a "different" feeling. I made sure to tell her that I really liked the shoes and had no problem with her being taller than me!

I know I was projecting my own feelings on how she was looked, but she definitely had a sexy, confident, happy walk to her that night. Turned me on very much. I made sure to thank her for planning the night, and made sure to tell her I loved the shoes, including how I perceived them.

I hope that she continues to wear those type of shoes because of how it makes her feel