Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Taller Than Me

We recently went out to the movies. She surprised me. I came home from work on a random day and she told me to change to go out. She didn't tell me where we were going or what we were doing, just to change. So, I did!

When we were ready to leave, she was dressed in jeans, a normal summer top, but was wearing new shoes. They were these "type" of shoes, though a completely different color and pattern:

The shoe height, type and heal, however, were very similar. It's a tall heal. She was taller than me when wearing them. As we were leaving, she commented that she was taller than me and it was a "different" feeling. I made sure to tell her that I really liked the shoes and had no problem with her being taller than me!

I know I was projecting my own feelings on how she was looked, but she definitely had a sexy, confident, happy walk to her that night. Turned me on very much. I made sure to thank her for planning the night, and made sure to tell her I loved the shoes, including how I perceived them.

I hope that she continues to wear those type of shoes because of how it makes her feel

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At all Times said...

It's reaaly not that difficult to make a submissive man feel submissive. Hope she enjoyed the effect she had on you.