Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Other Night

My last post was "this happened last night." The events described in this post happened that same night, which brought a little bit of more understanding in my situation.

Long story short - we made love, with me getting the release. It was initiated by her and all very good. The more interesting part was that afterward, she brought up the tease and denial issue on her own. She just began talking about how she does understand the whole denial thing when I describe what I like about it, but that she also still has a little bit of a guilt type reaction in doing the denial. This was not said in any negative fashion, more of a description of what she feels.

She likes the tease and denial, likes doing it, and likes it when she finally brings me off because of how much I react. It's the reaction she can elicit from me, both in the teasing part, but also the ending part!

The part I'm not describing well is what she talked about regarding the "guilt" or "feeling bad" in the denial part. I'm not describing it well because it's not something that bothers her. She has no negative reaction in general to the whole thing, it's just that she still does feel a little "bad" about denying me. I assured her that if she ever teased and then denied me, I would never ever get mad at her and that I would in fact love it. She emphatically stated she knew that and understood that.

The good thing, of course, is that she continues to enjoy doing it and I do believe that it will continue. I would like it to be more frequent and more permanent, but I understand that for right now I should be very happy with what she is comfortable with. Maybe as the years go by it will become more natural for her and she will not have the guilt part at all, but we'll see.

She is going away this weekend. I am trying to decide whether to request being put in the device while she is gone. As with everything with her on that front, I'll have to be careful when to bring it up, if at all. She really has to be in the "mood" to increase the chances of a positive reaction. When I say in the mood, I don't mean a sexual mood. I mean in a good mood: she is happy with me, happy with us, and the kids haven't been driving her crazy. I'll try my best to make all of that happen, to see if she is willing to do it.


Anonymous said...

AO – pleased to hear that things are progressing well for you. It still amazes me why a wife should feel so guilty about giving husband something that he wants, even if she has been used to giving it him in the past. I think, however, that it’s easy to underestimate the amount of enjoyment that a wife can get from seeing or making her husband orgasm. We often talk about acknowledgment, and I suppose the male orgasm is just the same for a woman, a tangible acknowledgment that she has turned her man on, that he is still excited by her enough to orgasm.

I know I am a fine one to talk, but is it pushing to hard to soon, about the chastity device. Should you establish regular tease and denial, before you ask for chastity? I know what you must be thinking, a perfect opportunity for your wife to lock you up while she is away.

Another One said...

AO - I don't think I described her "guilt" as well as she had described it to me. I do know that she has said that she really enjoys having me orgasm, and I know that other women who have discussed chastity say the same thing.

The device issue is something that, as it is currently going, doesn't look like I'll be asking for. That has more to do with her mood and my belief in whether she'd be receptive. I'm actually sure, regardless of her mood, that if I asked for it, she'd do it, but I don't know how "into" it she would be.

Anonymous said...

I know just what you mean. Good Luck

June11 said...

First, a quick thanks for the site - came across it about 10 days ago and in reading I can definitely relate to a lot of your specific entries. Am kindof new to this so I kindof hate giving my perspective as I am still in the "honeymoon phase" of WLR but just a quick thought about the device. I am currently on a non-device denial of one orgasm over the last 10 weeks and almost 6 weeks since the last one. I have to say that I knew it was long but doing the counting just now got me excited to think at how long I am currently going for her. This latest stretch is starting to get tougher and tougher particularly since she has started to ramp up the teasing quite a bit lately both in her actions and more importantly in her words (I absolutely love hearing things like that). I can say at this point the non-device use has created a situation where I am really starting to feel like I am consciously doing something for her rather than allowing the device to dictate what I do or do not do. I used to think that if I were ever to go out of town without her that putting on a device would be fun but now I'm starting to think that it is almost better that she has the mental device on me instead. Since you may not be in the device this weekend while she is away - do all those chores for her during the day and then at night go back to read all of those WLR things that you most love to picture you and your wife doing - get yourself as worked up as possible - and then battle it out with yourself - no device available!

Another One said...

Anon - thanks for the kind words and congrats on your own movement in chastity. Sounds like your wife/gf has taken to it very well.

I appreciate your perspective on this. I'm currently in the non-device chastity. We've agree that I will not masturbate or cum without her permission.

While I am happier with this than no rules, there are several things that make it less than ideal for me.

Using this weekend as an example, I'm 99% sure that if upon her return I told her that I masturbated to cumming while she was gone, her response would be "o.k." We are not in a WLM and there was never any type of repercussions discussed. I just don't think that it would bother her, or otherwise change anything. This lessens the mental aspect.

Secondly, without a device, I can always edge myself. While I would not be cumming by that, it still allows for me to, oddly enough, take the edge off. Edging to me is much more pleasurable than doing nothing at all. In the device, I could not even edge.

Finally, being the device adds the tangible, constant reminder. It's always there. I can't ignore it.

Anonymous said...

I am going to have to agree with AO again. What being made to wear a device, is as much about what it says for your wife and her willingness to impose a physical state of chastity and, therefore, denial, as it does about not being able to edge yourself or otherwise.

It becomes a constant reminder that she holds the key to your device, and mentally the key to your mind.