Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hmmmm, Interesting

There is much good news on my front!! Our relationship is progressing in the chastity/wlm arena and I'm very excited about the future.

As you know, I previously asked for orgasm control from her, which she agreed to. Since that time, we've been "practicing" male chastity, but it hasn't actually felt like it to me because it was without a device and it just never felt like she was actually denying me.

Essentially, the rule was that I could no longer have any orgasms without her permission. But, without wearing a device, I could always masturbate on my own without her knowledge. And whenever we had sex, there was hardly ever any direction/demand by her to not cum or anything like that. There was no outward denial. It was more of an unspoken rule and while I was denied, it was not really discussed or brought up by her.

In other words, my perception of the "male chastity" was that I would not cum until we engaged in sexual relations. If we had sex once a week, 99% of the time, I would be cumming during that session.

That was part of the reason why I tried to introduce the CB-6000 in the first place. Then, the whole situation with the CB-6000 led me to believe that she liked it, but that unless I asked for it again, she wouldn't do it on her own.

Well, she still hasn't introduced the device again, but on Sunday we were in bed after a long day, just relaxing before going to sleep. I was leaving for business on Monday and not returning till Tuesday. Out of the blue, she reached down and started to gently touch me through my boxers. This surprised me because usually if we are going to have sex she needs a lot more warming up before going straight for the groin. I wasn't particularly in the mood, but her direct approach, without even asking, got me in the mood very quickly.

I began kissing her and figuring she was horny, brought her off to two G-Spot orgasms and one clitoral. She was very happy. After she calmed down, she began stroking me through my boxers again! I fully expected her to take them off and we would either have intercourse or something else, but she continued to lazily, slowly and very sensually rub me through my boxers. I was ready to burst, leaking pre-cum all over the place. She showed no signs of doing anything other than what she was continuing to do, yet if she did continue, I was going to cum.

I was getting closer and closer and then she suddenly just stopped. She said that was "enough for tonight" and that I would have to wait until I got back from my trip! She then said "I want you thinking about me on your trip."

I was loving it. Not only because this is what I've wanted for a long time, but also because it was done completely out of the blue by her. It was her idea. This was not me dropping hints and her acting on them. It was not me asking for it and her doing it because I asked. This was her doing it on her own decision. Whether she sat there thinking "I wonder what I can do to make him happy" or whether she sat there and thought "I really want to play with him because it makes me really happy" or a combo of both, it's all very very good.

There was a fine line that I did not want to cross with this at that time. I didn't want to get overly exuberant, possibly turning her off, but I also wanted to make sure she knew just how much I loved what she did. After we had been laying there, cuddling for a few minutes, I leaned over, kissed her, said I loved her and then said "thank you for tonight." She definitely understood the meaning behind the "thank you."

I left the next morning very happy. We texted and talked throughout the day, but nothing specific about the night before. Eventually, we texted about our days and she said she was doing fine, just going through work crap. I replied "ditto, but I have blue ones right now, so I'm loving it." She replied "great, exactly what I planned :)." She texted some other funny stuff about it later than night too while I was gone.

It was only a one day trip, so the Tuesday night I was in bed early waiting for her to finish her routine in the bathroom. I was wondering what was going to happen, if anything. We were happy to see each other and everything was great, but still didn't know if there would be any sex that night.

Once she got in bed, she immediately went for me again. Instantly hard at her touch and we started lightly kissing. She then forced me on my back and scootched down, taking off my underwear. I just loved the control she was exerting. She was calling the shots. I'm usually the one who initiates, or who takes the kissing to the next level. Instead, it was all her again.

She was manipulating me with her hands for a couple of minutes and then began to lick and suck. Wow. She had me writhing very soon. She wasn't fully going down, instead doing the slow licks. Sometimes taking me fully into her mouth, but not going fast. I fully expected that she would bring me off that night, but again, instead she suddenly stopped and said "sorry, you don't get to cum tonight. Maybe tomorrow, maybe not" and laughed a very playful laugh!!!!!

I was sooooo turned on by the stroking, partial bj, previous nights, her attitude and the fact that she had actually denied me, that I couldn't help but yank her close and ravish her with kisses. We kissed so passionately for a while, I didn't want to stop. I tried to take off her shorts, but she said no saying she was already happy enough and just enjoyed what she had done to me. I told her that denying me from going down on her was worse than denying me an orgasm! Eventually, we calmed down and she said it was time to sleep.

Again, just like the other night, I was laying there desperately trying to figure out the perfect words to say that would convey how incredibly happy I was, without turning the loving moment into something cheap and fetishy. I finally just hugged her, kissed and said "at the risk of ruining it by talking about it, I can't tell you enough how happy I am and am loving what you're doing." She smiled and kissed me, saying "I know."

From where we were, to now, it's all a very good thing. We are closer. We are communicating more. It's not even about me - yes I'm loving this - but she's doing this all on her own. I haven't brought up the device, or even T&D for a long time, and yet she did this all on her own.

Again, I'm taking this all in perspective. I don't expect this to be weekly, let alone daily, type of interaction. She will not graduate into a full WLM like described by Uniquely Rika or other prominent bloggers like "subservient husband", at least not right now. Those things could be done in the far future, but not now. But more and more instances such as these definitely are welcome and encouraging. The more she finds things she enjoys and implements them on her own accord, the happier we are.


Robert_Anthony said...

Awesome, I'm happy for you!

Lady Grey said...

A very positive and hopeful posting. You did exactly the right thing by not gushing over her afterwards. Your simple "thank you" was perfect, and the fact that she knew exactly what you meant, and let you know it, is very encouraging. I know how excited you must be, but keep it in perspective - as you seem to be doing - and let it grow naturally without any unrealistic expectations on your part. I feel very certain that it WILL grow now that she has broken the ice by taking charge, and you've controlled any annoying over-reacting. Excellent!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say what a great development. Taking you in hand, no oun intended, in the way that your wife has must be an amazing experience for you. To be denied once, is good, but to have it followed up by a second denial, seems to confirm that your wife "gets" what this is all about, and something that she can do for you. So much more rewarding when it comes from your wife.

Stay cool. Looking forward to hearing about how things develop.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for both of you.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear of the progress. Teasing like this while being denied makes all the difference in the world.

Grey Owl said...

Outstanding... I hope the journey continues and thanks for sharing with us. Great patience...

Another One said...

To all - thanks for the well wishes and encouraging words. It is definitely something I'm still extremely happy about.

She ended up last night, again on her own initiation, making me orgasm, so it wasn't a long term chastity or long term T&D, but I'm still very happy in the turn of events. Of course I would have been perfectly happy with nothing last night or being further denied. Heck, I would have been in seventh heaven if she made me give her an orgasm and she just completely ignored me.

Lady Grey - I will heed your advice in both showing the appreciation, but also showing the restraint. I have realized more and more from my own experiences and from comments from you and others that this is a long journey. Letting it "grow naturally" as you say, letting her take her own time and pace is the only way this will ultimately work.

AAT - it was a great experience, especially because I never once felt like it was due to me "topping from the bottom" or because I specifically requested it.

Anonymous said...

What great exciting news... hoping for such progress here! Glad She is enjoying it... good for you both!