Friday, August 12, 2011

This Happened Last Night

No, this is not a pic of us. But this happened last night. She never makes this position happen on her own. I'm always the one to manuever it to happen this way. That doesn't detract from my enjoyment! When doing it, she usually grabs on like this, more for stability than anything.

She got me off too, but that's for a different post.


Anonymous said...

"more for stability, than anything." :) Mmm

Anonymous said...

Being kept in position is important! Very much like Queening.

Ladies, this does help put your man in a submissive mode.

Anonymous said...

Queening and spanking put a man quickly in his place, which is submissive to his woman.

A good tug on the hair and a strong verbal command can be very effective. He will learn when and how to lick.