Saturday, August 27, 2011

Excellent Pic

I wish I could link correctly - still haven't perfected that.

This pic is from

I just love the pic. She's happy/smiling and clearly having fun with the situation. Sex is fun! People are, in general, wayyyyyyy to uptight about it. Enjoy yourself and your partner in whatever way you want!

I love the fact that the bottle of KY lubricant is visible in the background. Tells me that this isn't a "staged" photo. These people are ready to play.

There isn't much else to update on my front. Still having fun, but haven't tried to introduce the device again.


Sheen V said...

This picture is soo hot! I love the 'hidden' strap-on. I wonder if she's ever gone out in public like that?

Anonymous said...

Gawd... what a great pic!
I want to introduce that device myself!

top_kat said...

instructions on how to link :)

within your post, highlight the text that you want the link to work on,

for example, linking to a pic from the word HERE

> obtain the url where the picture is.
> in your text box, using your mouse highlight the HERE
> then at the top of the box, where the things are to change the font and text within your box there is one that says LINK.
> click on that. And a new box will open
> paste the URL address into the box which says "web address"
> click ok.
> it will then show in the box where you are typing what the link is. Although in preview mode the link won't show, when you publish the post it will.

If you want to have the link text in bold for instance, remember to bold it first and then highlight and follow the above.

Hope this helps

Regards, Kat