Monday, January 18, 2010


So, I wish I could be posting re-counts of wonderful Femdom sex, of at least an increase of play fullness, or other type of Femdom aspect.

Unfortunately, that hasn't occurred. Everything has been extremely vanilla, including a little sex. After a party this weekend, it happened, without any mention from either of us about the Game. Technically, I was supposed to be in Chastity until the Game was completed, but in the course of it, I made the decision to not mention that to her. I was more curious to find out if she was going to stop it on her own, or, really, just to see what she'd do. She made no mention before or after, and it was clear that she finished me on purpose.

We didn't discuss it at all afterward, again, a decision on my part. It's a fine line between pushing the idea on her all the time, which results in annoying her, and a leaving it alone, which may lead to a cease of all Femdom activities.

What's sorta funny is the fact that while I have been doing a lot more around the house and other things for her, she appreciates it, but it does not translate into anything else. Doing more than my normal share of housework gets noticed, but it's not like she's willing (so far) to exchange increased housework or other services for a more Femdom existence.

Not going to give up because I've made progress. Hopefully it has a happy ending.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Photo Comment

I absolutely adore this photo. I'm extremely partial to redheads. And tight curly red hair is another bonus. The glasses, reading a book, next to library. Divine.

I love the freckles, how she's engrossed in the book. And the toes! Did you notice the toes? Curled, just like she's in such pleasure.

I just wish I knew what book she was reading.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I haven't updated about what happened when I made dinner because, well, not much happened. Don't get me wrong, it was a great night, wonderful time to connect with my wife after a long week, but it didn't include any Femdom.

She definitely had a really stressful day. Coupled with that, our kids were out with friends and didn't get back to the house until about 8:00, which means we didn't get to sit down for dinner until 8:30, after the kids were finally in their beds.

The dinner came out great. I put candles out and we listened to good music. We talked about her work, my work, the kids etc., and enjoyed a nice meal. By the time dinner ended and I had finished cleaning everything, it was close to 11:00 p.m.

She admitted that she didn't have anything planned or anything she wanted to do, so we just went up stairs and got into bed. Yes, we engaged in nice sexual relations, but it was very vanilla. Well, vanilla except for the fact that I didn't get to cum. I should rephrase that - she asked me if I wanted to cum, and I explained that the game didn't allow for that. I think left to her own devices, she would have let me finish.

Overall, a great night. Not sure if I am any closer to a WLM or even a more Femdom experience in the bedroom though.

Friday, January 8, 2010


So tonight is the night I make dinner and serve her all night. As part of the game, I cook dinner, clean it all up, and then "serve her" for the rest of the night. If that sounds ambiguous, it was intentional. It's designed to allow her to develop whatever she wants.

She can choose to play Scrabble all night and then go to bed, she can choose to watch tv, take a bath together or something else rather vanilla. Of course, she can go the complete opposite way and make me use our "toys" on her all night, make me wear a French Maid outfit (yes, we have one - that only she's ever worn!) and clean the house, or something else to her liking.

Sure, I do have my own little preferences, but not really. At the worst, it'll be a nice evening spending time with my wife after a long week. Even if there is no Femdom aspect to the evening (really - I make dinner all the time and I clean the dishes all the time - this is nothing new or technically Femdom related in our relationship) it will still be very pleasurable.

At best? Well, the sky is the limit there. It can range anywhere from an incremental enjoyment on her part of a new lifestyle to her really taking a big plunge. I won't know until later tonight.

I don't know if I blew it yesterday, though. Yesterday, she emailed me about normal every day stuff, and then, at the end, said "I'm looking forward to a yummy dinner on Friday." I responded, probably a little too enthusiastically. I not only told her how much I loved her, but also reminded her that Friday night was not only dinner, but also for her to do whatever she wanted to do.

I got no response via email at all. Nor did she mention it, at all, when I got home.

Now, I had sent the email to her only to remind her about what the night was to be, not to put pressure on her, but I fear she took it that way. I fear that she took it that I was trying to get her to create some elaborate role playing or something like that. I hope I'm wrong.

I hope that she the following is a representation of what will happen tonight, after dinner!

This picture really gets me. I love the simple bondage. Only his hands are tied, but he knows his place and is doing nothing else. I love her stockings. I love that they are clothed for the most part. I imagine that she's happy to not be naked - it shows that she's using him just for her own pleasure. I also like how his cock is exposed, but completely ignored. The look on her face is pure satisfaction.

For the next picture, I love it just for the look on her face. She seems so happy!. But, I also just love this position. Her sitting on my face. That's bliss. One reason I like it so much is that when she's in the throes of an orgasm, she can't really control herself. She just goes wild and I know she's not thinking about whether I can breath or whether she's hurting me. She's just focused on her own orgasm.

Now, for this picture, I really like the emotion on her face. It's a combination of amusement, interest and slight disgust/boredom. At least that's the way it looks to me. I imagine that she's asked him to play with himself for her own amusement. Or maybe asked him to edge himself so she can learn how his body reacts right before he cums so she can control him later on.

Now, for this last one, I hesitate to put it up because it's more graphic than anything I've put up before, but I would be euphoric if this happened. If it did, though, I'd be wondering if someone had taken over my wife's body!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Chastity Experience

There are much better blogs devoted to the concept of Chastity, including the incredible denyingthumper. This entry will be focused on my own specific experience with Chastity, short as it is.

The Chastity practiced between my wife and I is purely on the honor system. We have no Chastity devices. We are not yet there in our relationship to suggest, let alone implement, a chastity device. How do I know? She's uncomfortable even using the word! As mentioned in a previous post, when I stated that I was in now in Chastity, she thought it was funny and said something like "chastity.....where do you learn to talk like this." I explained that was the name, and even asked how else I should describe it, but was just told that it sounded funny.

She's clearly not experienced enough with it for it be second nature. The common quote is, "it's only kinky the first time you do it." I hope that the more we practice Chastisty, the more comfortable she'll be with the concept in general, and then we can graduate to actual devices.

But, right now, she doesn't really the understand concept. Sure, I've explained, and she hears what I say, but she does not truly understand the excitement of being teased and denied or the thrill of giving up control to her. And, she harbors feelings of guilt for not giving release sooner. She explained that she ends up feeling bad if she doesn't get around to allowing me to cum for long periods of time. I believe what she really means is that her libido is much lower than mine, and she can go a long time on her own without sexual interaction and she feels bad because she knows I'd much rather have sex sooner than her.

That is a valid concern on her part, and from what I can tell, a common issue for women who are engaging in this at the urging of their husbands. Of course, I assured her that as long as the denial was a part of her active Femdom work, it was perfectly o.k. with me.

So, for the time being, a device will not be forthcoming. Introducing a complicated, even painful looking, device on my genitals, all with the threat of the children seeing it, will be too much for her, especially based upon her expressed bewilderment on the concept. Also, having to take it off to clean or dealing with it on a semi-regular basis will make her feel as if it is dominating (no pun intended) our lives.

Whether we ever get to the point where she truly enjoys it, enjoys seeing me in a chastity device, and enjoys teasing me with the key, is something that will be far into the future. Who knows, maybe by the end of the year she'll be more and more comfortable with the idea of chastity in general and the device specifically.

Friday, January 1, 2010

The New Year Starts With A Bang!

I did approach my wife with the idea of doing a new "game." I suggested it to her on New Years Eve, and she was totally for it. That she readily agreed and seemed excited about it has me very hopeful for the new year. Starting off with promise!

For those of you new to the blog, check the older entry on the rules of the game. Regardless, I'm in Chastity until I complete the following objectives:

1. Cook a romantic dinner for her, clean the dishes etc., and serve her for the rest of the night.

2. Give her a pedicure.

3. Prepare and attend to her in the bathtub, including washing her hair and shaving her legs.

4. Hot candle wax dripped on me in locations she desires, for at least 3 minutes.

5. She will edge me four times in one night.

6. When I finally get to cum, it will be done with her in the cowgirl position, and as soon as I cum, she will immediately roll off and require me to eat her to orgasm.

She was very cute, because after all the rolls were completed, she asked what happened next, and I said, "well, nothing has to happen right now. I'm in chastity until all of the objectives are completed." She laughed, saying, "chastity, it cracks me up when you talk like that, it just sounds so funny." And then she asked what "edging" meant. I explained that it was getting me juuuuuuussst to the point of orgasm and then stopping. She laughed at that too, looking at me kind of like I was nuts.

But, immediately after that, she was very much the sexual predator, pushing me on my back and began licking and sucking me, all the while asking me if she was doing it right and if I was enjoying it. She brought me very very much to the edge until I told her to stop. She enjoyed the look at coyly asked if she was doing a good job. The answer was obvious, but I profusely provided my appreciation to her. She did it once again and then lay on her back, ordering me to fuck her.

It was extremely difficult to not cum, especially after the first two edgings. I've found that with me on top, and if I move slowly, I can last as long as I want because I can just stop or slow down when needed. The slow fucking lasted for some time until I could tell she was ready for her orgasm. I put my finger on her clit while still inside her to bring her off. Doing this, however, causes her to move much more, and it prevents me from controlling my own orgasm. After a while I had to pull out and get her off without me in her. It was phenomenal to see her. I told her that giving her the orgasm, and watching her enjoy that pleasure, was better than having my orgasm. That I did not orgasm was inconsequential. I was very happy.

We talked more about the game and what I needed to finish before the Chastity was over. She was very happy about most of the objectives, but expressed hesitation about the wax. When I created this game, I did try to make a mix of things that I knew she would readily accept and enjoy and others that pushed the envelope. When I say push the envelope, I mean hers and mine.

She's not into pain, so the wax idea is something I know she's not initially into. That one will be tricky to get her to do. It will have to be suggested when the conditions are perfect and she's not freaked out. Encouraging her and assuring that it will be pleasurable to me will be necessary.

The creampie cleanup is something that is even more interesting, but that's a post for another day. I do look forward to that day.

So, I'm now in chastity. (A post on our current dealings and conversations with Chastity will also be forthcoming.) It actually feels good to be back into Chastity and to be actively engaging in a form of Femdom, even if it is based upon my own construct. Again, I'm extremely happy to be even taking baby steps towards full fledged WLM, or wherever this ends up.