Friday, January 8, 2010


So tonight is the night I make dinner and serve her all night. As part of the game, I cook dinner, clean it all up, and then "serve her" for the rest of the night. If that sounds ambiguous, it was intentional. It's designed to allow her to develop whatever she wants.

She can choose to play Scrabble all night and then go to bed, she can choose to watch tv, take a bath together or something else rather vanilla. Of course, she can go the complete opposite way and make me use our "toys" on her all night, make me wear a French Maid outfit (yes, we have one - that only she's ever worn!) and clean the house, or something else to her liking.

Sure, I do have my own little preferences, but not really. At the worst, it'll be a nice evening spending time with my wife after a long week. Even if there is no Femdom aspect to the evening (really - I make dinner all the time and I clean the dishes all the time - this is nothing new or technically Femdom related in our relationship) it will still be very pleasurable.

At best? Well, the sky is the limit there. It can range anywhere from an incremental enjoyment on her part of a new lifestyle to her really taking a big plunge. I won't know until later tonight.

I don't know if I blew it yesterday, though. Yesterday, she emailed me about normal every day stuff, and then, at the end, said "I'm looking forward to a yummy dinner on Friday." I responded, probably a little too enthusiastically. I not only told her how much I loved her, but also reminded her that Friday night was not only dinner, but also for her to do whatever she wanted to do.

I got no response via email at all. Nor did she mention it, at all, when I got home.

Now, I had sent the email to her only to remind her about what the night was to be, not to put pressure on her, but I fear she took it that way. I fear that she took it that I was trying to get her to create some elaborate role playing or something like that. I hope I'm wrong.

I hope that she the following is a representation of what will happen tonight, after dinner!

This picture really gets me. I love the simple bondage. Only his hands are tied, but he knows his place and is doing nothing else. I love her stockings. I love that they are clothed for the most part. I imagine that she's happy to not be naked - it shows that she's using him just for her own pleasure. I also like how his cock is exposed, but completely ignored. The look on her face is pure satisfaction.

For the next picture, I love it just for the look on her face. She seems so happy!. But, I also just love this position. Her sitting on my face. That's bliss. One reason I like it so much is that when she's in the throes of an orgasm, she can't really control herself. She just goes wild and I know she's not thinking about whether I can breath or whether she's hurting me. She's just focused on her own orgasm.

Now, for this picture, I really like the emotion on her face. It's a combination of amusement, interest and slight disgust/boredom. At least that's the way it looks to me. I imagine that she's asked him to play with himself for her own amusement. Or maybe asked him to edge himself so she can learn how his body reacts right before he cums so she can control him later on.

Now, for this last one, I hesitate to put it up because it's more graphic than anything I've put up before, but I would be euphoric if this happened. If it did, though, I'd be wondering if someone had taken over my wife's body!


At all Times said...

I should be the last one to make this comment, but I suspect that the last comment in your email was intended to provoc an action or response from your wife. I do it all the time, and for the most part Jane never replies, she does however often react more positively than not. Of course, I would prefer not to have to make comments like yours, email or text to prompt a reaction, but frustration and a deep burning desire to submit myself before Jane drives me to.

Hope your evening went well. Like me you may well yet learn that your wife will dictate when where and how she indulges your desires, but you do need to indulge hers as well.

Another One said...

AAT - Couldn't agree more with your first paragraph. Everything you wrote is exactly what is going on with me too, though I do not think she reacts positively to it as much as Jane does for you.

After this weekend, I'm getting the feeling more and more that she is growing tired of any focus put on any of this, including the Game.

Caitlin Jones said...

These pictures and your blog is great! Love it. Please don't stop!