Friday, January 15, 2010

Photo Comment

I absolutely adore this photo. I'm extremely partial to redheads. And tight curly red hair is another bonus. The glasses, reading a book, next to library. Divine.

I love the freckles, how she's engrossed in the book. And the toes! Did you notice the toes? Curled, just like she's in such pleasure.

I just wish I knew what book she was reading.


Anonymous said...

I love girl with glasses and freckles

Susan's Pet said...

She is indeed lovely and desirable.

Anonymous said...

She is AWESOME!!!!!

What a super sexy woman. If I had a million dollars, I would give every penney to be her sub.

Thanks very much for the picture.

P.S. Those toes.....


Anonymous said...

She's really hot. This is a woman who knows sexuality. Not a fashion pin up who swats asses like she's catching butterflies. Oh, and on the cum eating. I don't expect anyone else to eat what i won't eat. I think it's wonderful that she wanted another orgasm and you gave it. Makes no difference if she knew of the baked cum. Rick