Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Photos

Got these from

Love this first one. She's thoroughly enjoying it. She's looking down at him with approval - like he's doing a very good job. He's focused on her, keeping her legs up.

This one touches many of my favorites. I have a thing for books and libraries. Should I ever become incredibly rich, one thing I'd want is a huge study, lined with books. It may sound odd, but women getting naughty in a library really get me going. Being in a place with so much knowledge and so many different worlds to explore that she becomes horny - well, seriously, that's unbelievably sexy.

Now this picture just gets my imagination running wild. I imagine she's at home, with her husband in chastity. She knows how turned on he gets when she teases and how sexy she looks to him when she reads. So she's just sitting there, in her little corner, waiting for him to walk by and see her. The look on her face in the photo is the exact time in which she sees the look on his face when he first encounters this scene. Mmmmm, delicious.


Anonymous said...

That's what I see in my mind everytime I look at a hot woman in a library.

Ross said...

I declare this collection of blog photos the best I have EVER seen anywhere

crayle said...

I'm fond of books myself and I have a real fetish for smart women -- a great pic!