Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Women and Books

I love to read. My wife loves to read. She loves to read so much, though, that when she is actually reading, the last thing she wants is me bothering her. Which makes it even worse for me because when she's sitting there on the couch, or in bed, engrossed in a book, I want to jump her!!!! One time (I've written about it on this blog), she had me naked and tied to the bed post and then sat there reading for a long time. She didn't do it because she knew the effect on me - she did it because we were playing the Game (and I had to be tied up for a period of time) and she just wanted to read! Still, very nice for me.

Here are some great photos of women and books!


michela said...

she is so,so,so beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

Some of the hottest pictures I've ever seen. There's something about pussy and a library. I get so friggin horny trying to look up skirts while they're searching for books. It's so peaceful and quiet and I wanna fuck every girl I see. Everyone of them is so damn sexy.

Sheen V said...

That girl opening her jacket has some spectacular tits!