Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Anyone know where to get this?

For many people who are in Femdom relationships, the man is also in some sort of chastity or orgasm control. There are many where the woman still wants penetrative sex from the man, but does not want the man to orgasm etc.

I found this picture of what appears to be an interesting way to solve the problem. It looks like a thick dildo that goes over the cock and balls, almost like a cock-ring, but then the penis is encased inside the thick dildo. It looks to me that it allows the man to fuck the woman with the dildo, but not feel anything. All without the need/use of a strap-on.

Unfortunately, I did not find this on any toy store. Has anyone seen this before? Do you know where to get it? Any reviews of it?


hersforever said...

I have seen several on sites like JT's stockroom (www.stockroom.com) but none which wrap all the way around as this one does. They are basically a sleeve which you put over the penis and they have a hard end on them, fairly cheap and I've never considered using one because it seemed like it wouldn't be sturdy enough to be usable. One which wraps around to the base though might work better -- best of luck in finding it!

Another One said...

Hersforever - that's been my experience too. I've seen other versions of this, but never one that goes around the base like this.

I never got the other ones either for the same reason as you.

linewriter said...


rohosub said...

The item can also be bought here:


rohosub said...

By the way. Here is a small piece of advice regarding this item.
My mistress bought me this item as she wanted to be fucked by something that she could actually feel and that would give her some pleasure. In addition she has been looking for a "strapon" for me that would allow me to fuck her with my dick without me feeling anything. We've tried other kinds of strapons but mounting a regular strapon above my penis makes my thrusts weird and unnatural. This extender solved our problems and has given her lots of pleasure lately.

There is only one problem with the item. The opening you're supposed to slip your testicles through is a bit small and the material tears easily if stretched too far (we've broken two of these by attempting to stretch it to slip it on).

The trick is to use the same procedure as when putting on a cockring. Start by pulling part of your ballsack through the opening. Then slowly push one testicle through at a time. When the nuts are through lube up the inside of the extender and slip your erect shaft into it.

When fucking my mistress with the extender i feel absolutely nothing but I'm finally able to make her come by fucking her and without working her clit with a vibrator :)

Good luck


fur sissy said...

There's several items out there like that but only a handful of them have a ring to secure them over the scrotum.

All of them are usually considered penis extensions so you may be able to track them down in a similar category to those. I have seen a variant that has a vibrating insert for the ring as well.

The downside is that the majority of them are known for tearing easily, being a bit awkward, or having an unpleasant texture for the woman. There's a few stores out there that tend to do tests on products before they stock them and one site I had found claimed to have the "best one," but I do not remember which site it was off-hand.

I believe Mistress Lori makes a slip-cover for her chastity tubes that is also meant for penetrative sex without pleasure for the male. It's not listed on her website but I have read several accounts of it being ordered around the web.

Another method I have known about is to use desensitizing lotion/lube on the penis and then layering 2-3 condoms. This supposedly lets a man get hard but won't provide enough stimulation to cum.

Another One said...

Roho, Fur, Line and Hers, thank you very much for the information.

Anonymous said...

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