Friday, April 13, 2012

Notice of Discipline (Spanked by My Lady)

I've noticed that the "Notice of Discipline" has been shooting through the tumblr world out there. I'm referring to

Everyone is re-blogging it, and I'm a little distressed that no one is giving any credit to the great blog called Spanked by My Lady (

The person who runs that site CREATED that Notice of Discipline and for him to not get any credit is not nice. Te person who runs that blog is a gentleman, intelligent, and generous. And that blog is simply very good. It is well written and interesting.

Please give credit where credit is due.

1 comment:

Ayesha said...

Yeah, all those no credit giving sob's should get a horrendous spanking from Cora for that! One that would tear the skin from their pathetic asses, and make them howl from pain. Yes!

Hmm, i would do this myself, but alas, i find spanking sooo silly (giggle, giggle).