Wednesday, April 25, 2012

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If I failed to properly link it, or you just haven't read it, here are the essential facts: The website (which controls many many sites - but ones you have heard of are "men in pain," "divine bitches," "whipped ass," "TS Seduction," and many other BDSM type porn) is located in San Francisco. By "located in San Francisco" I mean that all of this porn is actually produced in a building called "The Armory" in S.F.

This is a very old building that has a long and interesting history in S.F. Only recently has portions of it been used for porn production. offers tours of the building, which give an actual history of the building that has been used for other purposes, but also gives tours of the porn production floors. According to Yelp reviews, it is very rare that the tour sees any actual porn - mainly just props etc.

Anyway, Groupon offers discounts on a wide variety of products, goods, services, etc. They apparently offered a discount on the tours offered by

But now, some "anti-obscenity" group is urging people to boycott Groupon for selling that tour offer. Here's the thing I don't understand - and probably never will - even if you personally do not like porn and you think things like BDSM and TS are "morally reprehensible", stop trying to tell me what the hell to do with my time and money.

I don't go and tell those people that they should spend less time watching stupid, boring, banal TV and hiking more, even if I believe that is a better way to spend time.

On the other hand - they are just telling "their own members", meaning members of their Morality in Media group members, to boycott Groupon. That's fine. They should spend their time informing people about Groupon's practices, and's practices, so that their own like minded members can decide on their own whether they wish to continue to subscribe to Groupon.

Meanwhile, the owner, Peter Acworth is quoted as saying: Acworth added that the tour also “helps fulfill our mission of demystifying and celebrating” consensual bondage sex, which regards as “a positive, authentic expression of human sexuality.”

Couldn't agree more.


dave94015 said...

I wonder if any of the MOM have ever taken the tour of Is is possible that some might be more tolerant of the BDSM lifestyle and the positive message Acworth's videos have?

Ayesha said...

Judge Ayesha's ruling:

100 hours of morality service at the MIM headquarters for señor Jordan Owen.

100 hours of porn service at The Armory for señorita Dawn Hawkins.

10 hours of corner time for both of them at Another One's house while holding hands.

After duly having completed their tasks these 2 paper warriors r sentenced to get married to each other and fight till the death.