Friday, April 27, 2012

Love it

Nothing major - nothing earth shattering to report, but what happened last night was great!

Woke up in the morning and took a shower.  Unfortunately, a very luke warm shower.  Put the hot water knob all the way on, but it never got hot.  When I got out, I warned her about taking a shower and went to make sure the water heater hadn't sprung a leak at night.  It looked fine at my quick look, but I had to go to work.

Texted her about whether there was hot water later in the day and she said there wasn't.  She claimed that there was nothing she knew about that would have caused the problem.

When I got home we talked for a long time (had to go have dinner with my mother - my wife was at sports games with kids etc) so it was rather late.  I was still in my suit.  As we were talking about the day, I asked about the water heater again and she had no idea.  So I went out to the heater and looked at it again.  Checked the gas lines, the water, and finally checked the pilot light.  It was off.  That was weird, but she explained that she turned the heater off that day while I was out.  I re-lit the pilot light and got it working again.  I was still confused about the whole thing.

While in the garage, she mentioned her bike seat was not staying put and needed to be fixed, so I fixed it.

Later that night, she said, "you know, the other day I cleaned out the garage with one of those blowers, I must have blown out the pilot light."  She laughed and then said something like "your life would be so boring without me."  I laughed and immediately agreed with her.

Even later that night, as soon as we got in bed, without saying anything, rolled on top of me and starting kissing me.  Straddling me, she eventually started grinding on me, and once I was hard, took my underwear off, took her own underwear off, guided me in, and rode me till she came.  Of course, I came before she did, but she never stopped until she was finished.

She has hardly ever done that in our marriage or sex life.  That was definitely new.  And absolutely fabulous!

In fact, all of the interactions were fabulous that day.  I'm one lucky sob.


Anonymous said...

You indeed are a lucky one. I envy you.


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