Tuesday, October 19, 2010


No updates, but some great pix.

I have to give credit where I found them. If you get the chance, check out It's great.

Of course, I didn't re-blog them all, just ones that I found particularly interesting.

This first one is a no-brainer for me. What I wouldn't give for my wife to order me into this. I have to admit that the photo is probably a classic male centered view of domination (the garter belt with stockings and blouse), but still. For me, reading the book, enjoying the champagne and the position do it all for me.

I love this one for the pure torture. I'm sure it's still pleasurable for him, but clearly not what he wants. In my mind, she doesn't even let him finish off, even with the fleshlight.

Along the same lines of the first one, this photo captures the pure fun she's having with him. She doesn't want to be bothered, she wants to read her book, but she also wants to make sure that he's teased and denied. There's no way she can stroke consistently enough, long enough, or hard enough while reading the book because she's too engrossed in the book. So he'll just have to suffer, standing there hard for however long she wants.

These next ones are not from dishevelleddomina. I don't remember where I got them, so if they are yours and wish for me to take them down, please let me know. Regardless, can you imagine walking around the corner and finding her? She's confident, intelligent (obviously - she's reading books in the library!), she has fashion sense, she's proud of who she is, and she does not care what others think about her. She's a real woman. Wow.

Again, this woman is in charge. She wants the kiss. She is doing this all for her pleasure and she wants his cock. She'll do whatever she wants and he'll do whatever she wants.

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Weave said...

You're right..that Fleshlight pic is SO hot!! The girl at bottom certainly is in control too, taking things in her own hands! Thanks!