Monday, November 2, 2009

Great Picture

Got this picture from queentakesknight at If any woman wonders what's in it for her in a Femdom relationship, she really needs to study this picture for a long time.


At all Times said...


Have just found your blog and wanted to say how good it is to find another blog that is well written.

Whilst it sounds as though you have a much more open relationship than mine, and can,therefore, discuss things more directly and openly, you still seem to have many of the same issues that I have had or still have.

I will look forward to seeimg how your relationship develops, and hopeful we can both learn from our mutual experienes.

Another One said...

AAT - You're absolutely right about the communication. The good thing is that from even before we were married, I was always one to discuss things with her, even sexual things. So me doing it now is not "out of the ordinary." I never fear that what I tell her is going to so freak her out that she'll leave me.

But, again, you're absolutely right that I'm going through the same issues you are. She's not totally embracing the Femdom idea. I'm not necessarily trying to get it to be a 24/7 thing, but more of a bedroom thing, which can sometimes spill over to day to day life.

I don't think I'm achieving incredible success. Yet, I hope.

I have been reading your blog for a very long time and enjoy it immensely. I wish you luck from across the pond.

At all Times said...

AO - Thank you for your comments about my blog.

You say,

"I'm not necessarily trying to get it to be a 24/7 thing, but more of a bedroom thing, which can sometimes spill over to day to day life."

I was very much like you, several years ago. I enjoyed the idea of femdom play in the bedroom, bondage, that type of thing. At the time, I too would have opted for keeping it just for the bedroom, but obviously not now. This is partly because Jane was not into that type of thing, and didn’t really enjoy,but more importantly that it was creating a wedge between us, making all too much about me and what I wanted, not what Jane wanted. I have come to learn from experience, that the only way to get anywhere near the same type of feeling created by femdom play in the bedroom, was to have a WLM, one in which Jane would embrace her dominant position as much, if not more than I would my submissive role. As a result, it is becoming possible to have both my cake and eat it so to speak, something that would not be possible any other way. This way we are both happy, and who knows in the future as things develop, the more “fendom” things that we both probably wish for will happen. The difference is that we will both want them to happen not just me.

Obviously you may be very different from us and your wife far more comfortable with a D/S bedroom relationship, if she is then you will both be happy, if not then you may find that she rejects the idea unless you can both be happy.

Whichever way you go, I will follow your blog with interest.

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