Monday, March 4, 2013

She is not Vocal

She is definitely an interesting person.  Good things happened to both of us on Friday.  So to celebrate a bit, I bought a couple of lobster tails, Mussels, Little Neck clams and Steamer clams, flowers, a bottle of champagne and made a hell of a dinner!  Grilled everything up and enjoyed the night.  She got her period that day, so she wasn't in the mood that night.  Very enjoyable night.

The next night, we went out to a function where we were dressed up.  She looked so hot in a great dress, heels and she did her makeup and hair differently.  I wasn't the only one who noticed, as many men and women complimented her that night.  It was a great event.  By the time we got home, it was rather late.  Despite being tired, once in bed, we began kissing and I eventually removed her panties.  She still had her tampon in, but that didn't stop me.  I brought her off and she returned the favor, so to speak.

What I find "funny" about the whole thing is that we're at a point where eating her out on her period doesn't even warrant a mention from her.  I mean, it's nothing surprising.  Sometimes I fear it's disinterest, but I really think it's more just she doesn't think of these things after they've happened.  Even when I've successfully eaten my creampie from her, she never mentions it again.  She never requests anything in the bedroom.  She never asks for anything in particular or anything.


I'm-Hers said...

The main ingredients in that meal you put together made me salivate. Sounds like a wonderful evening. Thanks for sharing your story.

Another One said...

The dinner was great! As long as you have the mussels and clams on grilling pan (one with holes in it - sort of like ones you can use for grilling vegetables), they come out so well. You need to grill with them with indirect heat, with the top open so you can pull them off as soon as they open.

I used a butter, white wine, garlic, parsley basting sauce for all the seafood. So damn good.