Monday, March 18, 2013

Heels and a Conversation

She went to an event last weekend, which required her to get dressed up.  She was going with her partner, another woman.  I began texting her about what she was going to wear, she responded that she was wearing a dress, so I asked which one.  She sent a picture and mentioned she was going to wear the "heels."  I made a point to tell her how good she looked in the dress and that "you're gonna turn a lot of heads tonight. Can't wait to see you."

The heels she referred to are very much like the ones in the picture below.
Diane Von Furstenberg - Renee

She NEVER wears them because she does not like high heels over 4 inches high.  I texted her back saying "I love it when you're wearing those heels - and taller than me."   She sent back a kiss.

I wasn't lying when I said I couldn't wait to see her that night.  Whenever she is wearing high heels, she  always turns heads, always gets compliments and always looks so damn hot.

When I finally got there, she was looking great and having a blast.  Fun fun night.  But what made the night a tad more interesting was that we ended up talking that night about same sex encounters.  She stated that she just simply has zero desire for doing anything with another woman.  Just nothing there for her.  I asked whether there was maybe a certain "type" that got her going more than others and she said no.  Women just didn't do it for her.  She could only see herself ever kissing another woman, but she did not even "want" to do that.  It was just that it's something that she wouldn't rule out.  She claimed that anything else sexual was not interesting to her at all.

The more revealing things to come out of the discussion, though were I admitted that I would absolutely be interested in same sex.  She asked point blank whether I'd want to give a blow job and without hesitation I stated yes.  I was nervous about that because I wondered if she would have a negative reaction.  It did not seem to bother her in the least.  I will never cheat on her (with a woman or a man), so if it were to ever happen, she'd either have to be there or give the okay to do it.  I think that she would be much more disturbed if I did it when she wasn't there, but I did not ask her the question.

The other interesting comment was that a woman recently tried to kiss her!  See my earlier post titled "Sunday" about the woman named Lilly.  Unbeknownst to me, earlier that night, Lilly asked if my wife if she could kiss her and she did briefly!  According to my wife, she said it was just a quick peck on the lips, but it was her belief that Lilly wanted a lot more.  My wife did not and did not even want the initial kiss, but they are good friends.  That gives that night a little more context to me!


Ayesha said...

Seduce her with these :)

I'm-Hers said...

Nice Heels Ayesha!

Ayesha said...

Absolutely. As are these. Even better don’t you think?

And with the right outfit both will make quite an entrance.

But the next are more my style :)

Another One said...

Ayesha - I like all the shoes you posted, but there is no way she'd wear any of those! Those are way too high for her liking.

She does have ones very very much like the first ones you posted, but they are probably 5 inch heels. She wore them recently and I loved it! Was surprised she bought them in the first place, but they matched her dress wonderfully.

Ayesha said...

Well, now she stepped over the threshold, maybe she'll feel the excitement that comes with strutting in hh. Personally i can't do without them.

Now look at Barbara, she too knows a thing or two about heels :)

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