Friday, March 15, 2013

Wife Led Marriage Going Mainstream

There is a great article.

The title of the article is "As Sheryl Sandberg says, success is about the man behind the woman."

Without her saying it, the woman in the article recounts how supportive her husband is.  This isn't exclusively a WLM thing, it's actually just being a good husband.  The author may not realize it, or she does and keeps the article vanilla, but her truer colors and thoughts come out at the end when she writes "I hope my son ends up like him [her husband]. He is growing up at a time when there are more women in college than men, and a woman could very well take over the White House by the time he starts grade school. It is not just the year or decade of the woman but quite possibly the century of the woman, and I hope he can be a champion for all of them."

That sounds to me very much like a WLM concept and ideal.

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