Friday, March 22, 2013

Good Boy

In my office, with the flowers I bought for my wife for tonight.  A co-worker (young female) walks by my office and says "ooh, why did you buy flowers."  "Because I love my wife."  Her response: "Good boy."

If she only knew!


I'm-Hers said...

Do you think small, seemingly insignificant comments, such as you mention here reflect a profound change in today's woman? I know that young men have always courted women and women have always had the upper hand in that process, but I think more and more young women view the man that desires them differently than they did when we were young. It's just a hunch but I do wonder.

Another One said...

I can't honestly say that I have enough interaction with young (under 30) year old women in their dating scenes to know how the interaction. While I work with many young women, the relationship here at work is strictly very professional. There are a couple young women that I'm more friendly with, but that's the product of projects together. The interaction with them is actually more about milestones they're going through like getting married and buying a house, and then also cooking.