Monday, April 1, 2013

Kink Ebbs and Flows

Shouldn't be a surprise, but there are days and weeks where I'm not the least bit kinky.  On the other hand, as time passes there is a slow build up and it becomes all consuming.  It's difficult to shake.  I'm sitting here, wearing a thong and pantyhose under my work clothes.

I think I've explained this before, but when I edge myself, I can feel contractions, there is a little bit of cum that I can feel deep inside and it is absolutely not an orgasm per-se because nothing ejaculates.  I can mentally stop from "cumming," though there are little contractions.  If I squeeze from the base, under my balls, I can get some of the cum out.  I've already done that twice today and consumed the cum that comes out.

What's interesting too is that there is a very strong desire to consume the little bit of cum that comes out and that does not go away.  Yet when I fully ejaculate and cum, the desire to consume immediately goes away.

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