Monday, March 11, 2013

Interesting Opportunity

My wife swallows.  She always has.  It's not something that ever forced on her, or even asked her to do.  It's something she's done from the very beginning and that has not ever stopped.

99% of the time we make love, it's in the bedroom.  There have been other places in the house, but with kids, unless you really wanted to scar them, you're best off doing it in the bed, with the door closed.  A couple of days ago, we ended up in the shower together and after I brought her off nicely with my tongue, she returned the favor.

What was interesting, however, was that as she was getting off of her knees, I noticed that she had spit out a bit of my cum.  I don't believe it was all of it, just the last parts, but I was 100% certain that some of it had been spit out.

Which now has me super curious.  I'm wondering if she's been swallowing when she didn't really like it.  Whether it was just a one time thing (in the morning, in the shower - maybe other circumstances).  Maybe my cum didn't taste good that morning.

I have to figure out a way to discuss this with her without offending her, making her feel self conscious or make her feel bad.  I'm even wondering if I can turn this around and gently suggest that if she ever feels the need to get rid of it, she only need to kiss me.


Anonymous said...

I don't think you should suggest She kisses you to get rid of the cum because that is your fantasy not Hers.

Anonymous said...

If that is your fantasy then sometime after she has gotten you off I would suggest you just kiss her and make it clear that it is perfectly fine to share. Then during a long kiss you can mention how much it turns you on to share. That's all that is needed and if she is not against it, you can repeat and then maybe someday she'll initiate.

Another One said...

Maitresse Mia's slave - I understand what you're saying. It is not her fantasy. I don't believe she does have fantasies. I've asked her and she says she does not.

On the other hand, I am not of the belief that a sub must 100% never inform the Dom about things the sub likes. It's just the opposite with her because she is not a Dom in the sense that she did not have any Dom feelings prior to our relationship. She does not want to come up wiht scenes, does not think about sex pretty much at all.

When she is in the mood, she makes her move on me and that's that. She does not sit there and think about tying me up, making me wash the dishes naked, making me service her or anything like that. She needs the suggestions.

And do not get me wrong. There is no way she'll ever do anything she doesn't want to do. She has drawn the line many times. On the other hand, she will definitely do other things. In a previous I recounted how I asked her to feed me a creampie, which she readily did. She was riding me cowgirl and I asked her to sit on my face after I came in her and she did. She enjoyed it too.

So I don't believe that she'll be against a snowball, but I'm not sure. I won't know unless I ask.

And if she's says she doesn't want to do it, well that's the end of that.