Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Well, not really.

During dinner, we talked about a project that she needed to have completed for Friday, which included the creation of a type of bench.  Immediately after dinner (an me cleaning the dishes), I went to the workshop and began what she needed.  I spent about a half hour in there, completing what I could (I need some more wood that I have to purchase tonight).  When I came back into the house, she commented on how nice it was that I immediately began on her project.

By the time I was done, however, it was dark out, but I still needed to go running.  It was cold by this time too, so when I was putting on my running gear, I noticed that I only had a black long sleeve running shirt.  My shorts were black too.  Running at night on the street wearing all black, with no reflective clothing, is a really bad idea.  My solution?  I went into her workout clothes drawer and found a running jacket type that was like the picture, only more blue than green, but that same type of bright color.  (BTW - that picture is from Lululemon, a place that she shops at endlessly!!!)

When I came downstairs and she saw me, she immediately said "what are you doing?!?!"  I explained the situation to her and even explained that it wasn't that girlie, no one would see me and I needed something not black.  Her response was "I know, but it's just that it's my jacket."  Upon leaving she said "Just don't stop to talk to anyone!"

I know she doesn't love it when I wear women's clothing.  I do NOT do it in front of her because I know she doesn't particularly like it.  It freaks her out a bit.  I also need to be careful because I believe that the cross-dressing thing might be a reason why she does not fully understand the WLM or submissive man concept.

There are many different parts of the spectrum, but a submissive man to a woman absolutely does not have to equal a effeminate man.  You can have the manliest male out there, who is also submissive to his woman.  I know she's more attracted to the alpha type males, so equating being submissive to her as being effeminate is not going to make her feel comfortable.

I made sure to take the jacket off as soon as I got home and then made the bed, folded her nighttime clothes placing them on the bed with a chocolate mint for her.


Ayesha said...

Cross-dressing? Yet another annoying concept coming from the narrow-minded vanilla crowd.

Tell me, I'm quite often take to the streets in pants, combined with a really masculine leather jacket owned by one of my MALE slaves, wearing as well a pair of his combat boots. Would you call that cross-dressing too? And if so, SO WHAT!?

Now picture another one who's living with me (a truly athletic 6'5" macho type, with abs to die for, and a terrific bush of black hair on his chest and shoulders) curling up to me on the couch wearing one of my sexy bright yellow velvet ankle length home-dresses. Yeah, most people would call that cross-dressing. Again: SO WHAT?

Now think of all those Roman gladiators, earnest cardinals soon to elect e new Pope, Menelaos and his army, and our proud Scotsmen from the Highlands hiding their cocks under their kilts. Yeah, truly a group of effeminate sissies, wouldn't you agree?

Damn, what's wrong with you people!

Another One said...

Oh, Ayesha - your comments always make me smile. Unfortunately, even though I live in an extremely progressive area, unless you adhere the strict "norm", you are considered extremely weird.

While society as a whole has made strides in acceptance of alternative lifestyles, that's only as long as it's not in their own backyard.

Ayesha said...

Hehehe, yeah right. Good thing I don't accept that "extremely progressive" society either, and consider it "extremely weird" as well as mega hypocritical.