Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Photo Comment

I found this photo very interesting, but probably not for the same reasons that others do. But first, the obvious observations:

This is a very hot cuckolding scene. I'm not into real life cuckolding, but in the right setting, it can be a powerful fantasy, especially given my prediliction for FemDom. (But this is a post about the photo, not cuckolding.)

I like the major contrast in color in this photo. No color whatsoever, except for her red shoes. Red is the obvious choice for this color scheme, as red implies power for the woman, but also sensuality.

Not sure if I like the actual shoes though. Better than a stereotypical sky high red heel, but a worn sling back seems odd.

I like how she's obviously completely nude, but the photographer shows no nudity. Much more powerful than graphic nudity.

I like how she's touching him with only one shoe. It's an acknowledgment of his presence by her. It's like she's saying "even though you're not watching, you should be aware of me."

I like how he's turned away from her, apparently engrossed in his book, without acknowledging her presence, but he seems content and happy.

Her pose is great too. Completely relaxed, prone, comfortable, and enjoying her lover. Eyes closed, enjoying the kiss.

Subtle placement of his left thumb on her nipple (presumed, since you can't see the nipple, but that's what it looks like to me.)

I like how you can't tell what he's reading. The cover is blank, so you're left to wonder "what could possibly be in that book more interesting than what is happening right next to him!"

But now the odd things about the photo. Where in the heck is this taken? In the background, we see what appears to be a room with a TV hanging from the ceiling in the corner, like a hospital. Of course, this is not a hospital. If it is, it's the weirdest hospital with mirrored walls!

Is this an office? It's not an office. What offices have TVs hanging in the corner? And if it's an office, why in the heck is there a nicely made bed in the middle?

I guess it's a bedroom. But again, what bedroom has an entire mirrored wall (or walls, I can't tell.) If it is a bedroom, it appears to be a modern room, but if so, that's an old school TV hanging. That seems completely out of place.


Anonymous said...

Reading an old fashioned Day Planner (remember those?) for her next appointment? Looking at their wedding album?

Lila Sovietskaya said...

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Sheen V said...

Beautiful photo! And I like your analysis too.

vs-boy said...

It's a hotel room. The wife is making out with the concierge and the husband doesn't care...