Thursday, December 17, 2009

I've Got More Work To Do!

Maybe my wife is not taking charge because she's a sub too!

We're having a party tomorrow and we've talked about what needs to be done, etc., and I, of course, offered to clean the house tonight when I get off of work.

I just received a text from her saying that she just cleaned the bathrooms, the bedrooms, living room, dining room and did the laundry!


Anonymous said...

No matter how sub you are, domme your wife is, you can never underestimate your wife's desire to have household chores done properly, which means just how she does things. Sometimes it's just easier for her to do them herself, don't take it the wrong way

little shaun said...

That's how my wife is, she'll work until she's crazy. I have learned that it isn't a Domme thing because she is very dominant in our marriage. I have just learned to let her do as she wishes.

Another One said...

Interesting comments. I think for her, it's not that she wants them done right, it's that she has to be doing things. In her mind, she was thinking about the party, needed cleaning to be done, so set forth in doing it. She is very "take charge" in that way.

But, she also has a problem with doing "too much." She realizes this and has made efforts to stop doing stuff. She's very active in the community, volunteers to almost everything, works AND takes care of the kids. She has made a concerted effort to say "no" to some things so she's not going crazy all the time.

I've tried to get her to not only say "no", but also to push some of the stuff on me.