Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Some Sites That I Love

These are two of my favorite sites to visit to keep myself organized, efficient and helpful in performing tasks for my wife. They not only give great ideas on everything from cleaning to cooking, but they are also slick, informative and spot-on in the advice.

For example, the Cleanmama site gives you a free, downloadable sheet on what to do daily for January. It's a great starter to customize yourself.

The Domestic Servitude provides ideas that I would never have thought of in the first place.




Ric C said...

I knew about Domestic Servitude that I find such a great site. Thanks for Clean Mama that is also great. They do fantastic work and very useful.

vs-boy said...

I checked them out. There is a recipe for massage oil that I totally want to try.

Thank you for sharing.