Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Vanilla Edge and Blondie

My thanks goes out to Vanilla Edge tumblr ( for posting these spot-on, hilarious, wonderful "Blondie" cartoons. I had never seen these before and they're great. (According to the Vanilla Edge tumblr, there is a new tumblr called that has a bunch.)

Growing up as a kid, I loved reading the comics. Even then, I thought Blondie was "hot" - well, as hot as a comic could be. Anyway, the combination of Blondie, male chastity and a submissive Dagwood is rather enjoyable.

An example is below:

(1/12/12: Editor's note - Wow, I'm embarrassed!!! I used "their" instead of the proper "they're" in this post and that is incredibly inexcusable. If my wife were into DD, I would definitely deserve corrections tonight. The error has been corrected.)


lovetosubmit said...

Nice find! Thanks for posting!

junior said...

It's funny, long before I knew anything about the lifestyle, I always thought to myself that there was no way Dagwood deserved somebody as hot as Blondie, and what was really going on in that marriage?