Sunday, January 29, 2012


Yesterday, we had to go to the mall to fix an item of mine that had broken. When we got there, a guy in his mid 20's was helping me, asking questions about what was wrong, when did it stop working, etc., and my wife was sitting next to me listening. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Ultimately, it ended up where the item could not be fixed. So, the guy started giving me the options of what I could do - since I had the warranty, I could get an exact replacement for free, but that would be the very old version. I could then get a newer version for a good amount of money, the newest version for more money, and then there were two more "newest versions" with extras that cost even more and more money.

So I was sitting there, looking at the 5 options and I immediately just looked at her and the following conversation took place:

Me, looking at her: "what do you think?"

Her: "He'll get the newest version," and she pointed out which of the newest ones to get.

Worker, looking at me: "O.k., if you get that, what about the case?"

Me, looking at her, not saying anything.

Her: "Why don't you go get one of the cases on the wall. You can't have my old case because it's too girly."

Worker, kind of laughing, looking at me again: "All right, when you get the case, we'll put it on. Now, what about the warranty" (and then he went on to explain all the warranty options.

Me, looking at her, not saying anything.

Her: "He'll get the warranty."

Worker, kind of laughing again, started to ring it up.

After finishing ringing it up, the Worker just started talking to her about payment etc., not dealing with me anymore. In the process, she said to me "Why don't you go look at the cases", so I left to do just that.

What's funny about the whole thing was that the Worker seemed to be getting a kick out of the exchange. But you know what? I was perfectly happy and not embarrassed at all. I trust her, she's intelligent, better at those kinds of decisions, and I was very happy that she was in charge of all of that. Is that WLM? Is that Femdom? In a way, I think not. It's just who we are. It's who we are together. There is no specific discussion we have had where we "agreed" that we start a WLM. This is our relationship as it has naturally progressed.

That's not to say that I wouldn't love more things to be done overtly on her part as part of a WLM. This morning we were actually showering together and she mentioned that she had shaved her legs yesterday and didn't want to shave them today. Instead of me saying anything, I simply grabbed the razor, had her sit on the bench, and started shaving her legs for her.

Her statement about not wanting to shave her legs was NOT her way of getting me to shave her legs. It had nothing to do with that. She just didn't want to shave her legs. I took it upon myself to do it and she was very appreciative.

I loved what happened in the shower. The exchange, like what occurred at the store, was silent between us. There was no "demand" or "order" by her. I would love if she did that, but even though she didn't, I was still extremely happy to shave her legs. I know she enjoyed it thoroughly too.

Would I have loved it if she did order me to shave her legs? Absolutely. Am I sitting her now thinking that I'm not fulfilled because she didn't order me to shave her legs? Nope.

I am sitting here simply wishing that we had more time to spend together so that we can have experiences like we did this weekend. Even if we are simply going to the mall and taking showers together!


vs-boy said...

The same thing happened to me when I went to the dentist. I don't know what triggered it, but in no time they were talking to my wife as if I wasn't even there.

She made the decision on what treatment I was to get and she even signed the papers. They didn't even ask me to sign. When we walked out, they asked her for payment, not me, and asked her when I could come again for my next visit.

I found this a little unusual, but like you, I was not offended.

Susan's Pet said...

I like the way she handled the purchase. I also see this as doing the right thing under the right circumstances. It need not be a wife led relationship to do that.