Thursday, January 26, 2012

Christmas Shopping Story

There is a relatively new blog called Strict Julie Spanks located at and it's definitely something to read if you're interested in DD or WLM. She's an excellent writer. Very interesting posts, to say the least.

One of her posts, related to an impromptu panty shopping trip, reminded me of something that happened to me just last December, but not nearly as interesting or exciting as her story.

But ......... I was actually shopping for stocking stuffers for my wife, and since we both like it when I do her toes, I decided to get some new nail polish for her. There is a strip mall near my house, which has my barber shop, your typical Starbucks, grocery store, etc. It also has a beauty supply store. After getting my hair cut I figured I could I'd quickly pop into the store, grab some nail polish and head home.

Even though the nail polish WAS for my wife, it is still a little odd to be in a beauty supply store walking around looking at items that are absolutely 100% only for women. It's not like I was in CVS looking at wall of lotions or something, where you can pass it off as looking for something for a man. This store was completely all female items. Of course, I was the only man in the entire store.

As somewhat of a digression, I will never understand why they stock stores like this so oddly. Maybe I'm just thinking like a man, but since I was looking for nail polish, you'd think there would be one big wall with all of their nail polish. Nope. They're kinda spread out all of the place, I think grouped by maker or something. I mean, go down one aisle and you see some, the next aisle some more, and so on. It's rather maddening.

In this context, it made me walk around the store, rather aimlessly because I wan't familiar with where everything was located in the first place. I did feel like the other women in the store were looking at me like "what is this guy doing?" I finally found the OPI nail polish (which is her favorite) and began looking. As soon as that happened, an attractive woman in her 20's came up to me asking if I needed help, but I politely declined, stating that I was just looking at this nail polish. I wonder what she was thinking as she approached me and what she thought of my answer.

Anyway, I figured that was going to be the only awkward encounter (well, other than actually purchasing whatever items I picked.) But as I'm standing next to the wall looking at the OPI nail polish, I hear "[my name], what are doing in the beauty store?" I turn around and it's a woman who my wife and I are very good friends with. Her and her husband and my wife and I have been great friends for a long time. Now luckily for me, because I'm comfortable with her, and because I was truly there to get nail polish for my wife, I was able to explain what I was doing and why, which was a very logical explanation. She actually stated she was impressed and said it was sweet.

Her husband is a manly guy, who would never even buy her nail polish, let alone give her a pedicure like I do! Of course, I didn't tell my friend that I was buying new colors for my wife for me to apply. On the other hand, he and I give each other shit about everything, so I immediately knew I'd be hearing about this shopping trip from him some time soon.

I made my selection and proceeded to the checkout line. No one was in front, so I was immediately able to pay. This is always an awkward experience too. I always wonder whether the clerk is thinking that i'm buying it for myself or what. She asked me if had a frequent buyer card and whether I wanted anything else, which again felt odd. At that point I just wanted to get out of there.

Later on, after Christmas, I made sure to bring out that my wife did receive the nail polish as a stocking stuffer to avoid any thoughts that I was buying the polish for myself.

Not nearly the same thing as the Strict Julie story, but still felt awkward for me!

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Locked Husband said...

Good story. I don't get to do it very often, but love painting my wife's toes.