Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hot, but not necessarily for me!

This post isn't about my situation. Cut and paste the link about and watch the video, then continuing reading.


This is a great video. The fact that it's solely on her face is great. And man, is she expressive! Love her reactions. Watching her face was joyous. She was thoroughly enjoying it, you could tell that he was hitting her right buttons, going at the right speed and the right angle. I'm guessing with all that, of course, but the looks on her face were telling that story to me at least.

But then, the way it ended left me wondering, not only about the participants, but also the purpose of taping it. Is this amateur, or pro? If it's pro, it makes more sense, but if it's amateur, it is curious. Why? Because the guy in the video is selfish, yet the camera focus was fully on her!

I mean, this guy is doing very well with her, but then video ends like most porn. Just when he was going fast and it looked like she was going to cum - was getting to that point - he pulls out!!! Leaving her high and dry! He then (though you don't see it) cums in her mouth. Then the video ends and she seems o.k. with it!

Hey - I'm sure there are millions of men, and even women too, who are perfectly happy with that scenario in their sex life, but what the hell. Why is it o.k. for her to not cum? That's just the type of sex that is not o.k. with me. Unless I was told not to, I could never have just stopped right then! I would have had to bring her off to her satisfaction. I would have felt incomplete otherwise.

The other thing that truly annoys me about these types of videos is that anonymity of the guys. Again, assuming it's amateur, then why is the woman's face plastered all over the internet to see, but the guy is not. Was the publishing of this video o.k'd by the woman? If not, that's bad enough. But why is it that in so many of the amateur videos I see, the guy is not visible. Hey, if you're going to have a woman do the things to you that are done on these videos, and it's going to be posted on the internet, be man enough to take ownership of it.

(Oh, and I have to mention - she has a great manicure! Perfectly done nails. They don't look fake either. I have to get better at giving manicures so my wife's nails can look that good.)


Susan's Pet said...

The server must have been busy, for my view was rather choppy. Also, the definition was a bit on the fuzzy side. So, it does not seem like a professional production.

Looking at her face I could agree with you, on the other hand, she could be a submissive totally used by the man who does not give a damn about what she feels. Pleasure and pain often cause similar facial expressions. She seemed to me powerless, and just let it happen to minimize her pain and humiliation. That last step seems to support my view.

Robert_Anthony said...

I think the reason why most porn is filmed to minimise the amount of male 'face', is because most porn is aimed at guys and the fantasy most guys want when they watch is that they are fucking the woman, a lot of guys don't like seeing another guy's face in there, some guys don't even really want to see another guy's dick!

Another One said...

Susan's Pet & Robert Anthony - your explanations do make sense. The woman is a sub and the guy taped it, so he can watch her submission. He has no need to see himself.

CI said...

when femdom turns into outright abuse

watch this one, couple divorced http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bS-1CKiIYXw