Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Shouldn't come as a surprise because of all the stuff that happens during December, but there has been a serious lull in anything WLM in or out of the bedroom. I've tried to stop her from doing work around the house, but she's relentless. I think part of the issue is that she's at home with the kids while I'm at work and she can a lot done before I get home.

Still, what has this done to me? It's making me ache for service and submissive. I'm desiring it more and more. I've been wearing panties and using some of the Champagne Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer at work to try to satisfy the urges, but it's not the same. Especially since it's not ordered by her. I'm doing it on my own, which can only take me so far.

I have already decided to offer to clean anything she wants, perform any repairs around the house she wants and offer anything to her. I will make suggestions of things I think that she wants too.

I'm sure that other men out there understand what I'm trying to get across. It's an ache that needs to be filled.


Ayesha said...

I see. U want ur wife to stop doing things she wants to do.
I think u screwed up again!

I'm-Hers said...

I actually agree with Ayesha on this one. Submission is about you ding things that she doesn't want to do. I think the asking her if there are ways you can help her around the house or with items she wants tended to is the way to go. However, I would leave her to choose to do those things she wishes to do since that is her prerogative as the dominant one

Tamara said...

Well, you know: If she doesn't want it, it isn't service.

But actually, I just cannot imagine that there isn't a thing around the house that she would like to get done but doesn't want to do herself.
If you came to my house, I could keep you occupied in your spare time for months...

The only thing I can imagine is that there is really very little time left for the two of you to spend together and she does not want you to "waste" that time by doing things around the house.
If that is the case, maybe you can change your attitude and consider the quality time you spend with her as part of your service to her. - The main thing is that your wife's wishes take precedence, isn't it?

Another One said...

Ayesha & I'm Hers - Very good point. I hadn't been thinking about it in that way. Instead of trying to pigeon hole her into what I would think she would want out of a WLM, I should be thinking of what she wants. She was doing work - I offered to do it for her - she refused - so I should accept that as what she wants.

Tamara - Earlier in the day, she had asked that I get home by a certain time because she had to go to a meeting, so I made sure I got home 15 min earlier than she needed to leave. When I did get home, we discussed our days etc., and then I asked if there was anything that she needed help with, or if I could do while she was gone and she wanted me to put the Christmas decorations into the attic. I made sure to have that completely finished before she got back home.

As for your last paragraph - I tend to think that you're right. By the time she got back, there wasn't much time to be together.

All - I do appreciate your comments and thoughts because it most definitely helps give me a different perspective than I had originally.

vs-boy said...

My wife is like that. She can't stand still and if I don't do something right away, she just goes ahead and does it herself. I have learned that I have to be fast if I want to be able to be of any help.

Contrary to you, however, except for now, that we are both o vacation, she is not home, so there is usually plenty to do when I get back.