Monday, December 12, 2011

I know she's kidding but........

Last week, my wife took the kids to the sports teacher, the one mentioned in the post "A Little Fun."

I decided to tease her, texting her, asking how he was doing. Her response was simply calling me "silly." I ratcheted it up a notch, texting that I was sure to make myself ready tonight if she were excited from seeing him, to which she responded that it wasn't going to happen because it was "that time of the month". I responded that "wow [name omitted] must be bummed" and her response was "totally."

I realize how tame that is for people who are actually engaged in the lifestyle, or much more experimental, but it's a positive sign that she's joking about it, instead of being totally turned off by it.

And then last weekend, we went out and she wore a short dress, which I thought she looked great in. She was nervous about it, saying it was shorter than she liked, but I think once we were out, she was fine.

On the other hand, she hasn't made any real efforts to deny me. While I would have previously decided that was because she didn't want to take the lead, I actually now understand that she's just doing what she wants to do. So I'm taking it as a positive.

Finally - I have been much better since my mistake. I have made extra efforts to clean and to fix things around the house. She has definitely noticed and has been happy - making me happy!


lovetosubmit said...

We are similar to you in this regard: it seems like a fun fantasy but we would likely never actually do it. Too many complicating factors and unknowns. But, as they say, the mind is the biggest sex organ, and it is very arousing to play with the idea that she plays with other men while I remain faithful to her. She teases me about this from time to time, which I really like. We recently went to a night club with a live band and she texted me that she might become a "groupie".

Anonymous said...

For us the kink is a big problem while trying to find information or like-minded people. While searching and studying Woman Led R at first I was annoyed by cuckholding since it was against my (our) principle of monogamy. But I'm surprised how the brain works since diving into WLR, my submissive feelings make cuckholding appear as a powerful erotic fantasy. I remain against the idea but I understand now what it means for the submissive male.

I find great that your wife played with you: it's really by a non threatening way that we'll bring our spouses to be really interested in WLR.It's difficult for me not to push her and allow her time to adopt her own pace. The importance is to keep the communication flow. Maybe your wife is more into it than she shows. For sure having fun is the best way to make things work.

vs-boy said...

I think I'm too insecure to even have this fantasy... Sometimes, though, when really horny, it somehow seems less terrifying, although not so much as to embrace it.

Susan's Pet said...

I think that you like to play this potential cuckolding scenario, and it turns you on more than it does your wife. Maybe. Maybe she is not reacting to your hints because it does turn her on, and is afraid to act on it.

In any case, the fantasy part is the best. Once, or if, implemented, there would be many traps into which one or both of you would fall. Sane, intelligent, and smart adults would not enter that scenario. However, the playing part is great.

Another One said...

Absolutely - it's definitely not something that would happen for real. I guess I should never say never - but there would have to be a lot of discussion about it before hand.

The main point is that she took it for the playful/fun aspect, instead of being angered by it, which is great.

hotwifeshow said...

I really would like to know more details about your way out with her wearing the short dress.

Did she enjoyed to wear it or felt sexy?

hotwifeshow - Posting wild desires

Another One said...

hotwifeshow - actually, now that you mentioned it, she did make an interesting comment about the outfit. Originally, when I told her that we would be going out, she not only said that she did not want to wear it because it was too short, but asked whether she would know anyone where we were going. She felt that she would be embarrassed being seen by friends.

I had told one of her friends what we were doing and that friend actually expressed an interest in going with us. It was a good friend, and it wasn't supposed to a major "date night", so I casually mentioned to my wife that the friend expressed an interest in going. My wife said it was fine with her, but then even made a comment about how that friend would see her in the dress. Ultimately, the friend did not end up coming with us.

Once we were out, she was fine wearing the dress. She didn't express any outward difference. She did not behave any sexier, or shy. I thought she looked great - but I also have to admit that this wasn't anything outrageous either. She looks great for someone in her age group (we aren't exactly completely young anymore.).

But here is the interesting comment: while we were out, she said "you know, the funny thing is that as of right now, the only I have to wear to that party with all our friends next week is this dress."

I found that very interesting because she seemed so afraid of wearing it out just in general, but then also being seen by any of friends, and then seemed to make a 180 degree turn!

Ultimately, she did not wear the dress out to the friends party (wore pants - boo!).

I'll be waiting to see if she wears it again.

Jen17 said...

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