Tuesday, July 19, 2011

When she got home from her trip

I appreciate all of the comments, encouragements and insight! As always, it is helpful to hear what others think/observe.

Remember - all of these events occurred back in May, so I already know the ultimate outcome of everything and I am not currently locked up and we've never used the device since that one time. That's the bummer part. But, I'm actually still optimistic about the future.

So, after the trip, I was definitely bummed that during the entire time she was gone on the trip, she never mentioned the device or anything related to that. Not even a question about how I was doing in it. I truly felt like it was the classic "ignore and denial" as opposed to "tease and denial."

But, by the time she was returning, the text exchanges occurred that were very nice. It was those text exchanges (that took all of about 1 minute to write) that I would have loved while she was gone. It's something I've tried to explain to her before - that the whole "tease & denial" thing or chastity in and of itself is not some hugely invasive, all encompassing, major endeavor. Instead, while in chastity, a couple little comments here and there would go a very very long way.

Anyway, the day she returned was a bust, but only because she was very tired, and we had a bunch of stuff to do with the kids and the house. By the time everything was done, we talked about her trip and caught up, but there was nothing sexual really going to happen. Of course, I was disappointed, but not really. I understood the situation.

Parenthetically, that same night we ended up talking about something that would end up being a major problem within our marriage. I'm being vague on purpose. Let's just say that night was the beginning of something that we've had to have major discussions since and we continue to struggle with it. It's the main reason I stopped blogging for a while, and it's definitely something that was a reason why any type of kink/chastity etc., went away.

But I digress. Back the situation at that time. The next night, we actually did talk about the device. She did say that while on the trip she had been thinking about me and specifically me in the device, it was just that she didn't feel comfortable texting around other people or something. Not entirely sure I believed her when she said that. Vulnerability breeds doubt, I think.

Anyway, we were happy to see each other and spend time together and things progressed nicely. We eventually started kissing and getting intimate. I felt different than before, because I was extremely curious to see where things would go. How would she react? Would she touch it? Would she even deal with it at all?

The questions were answered, because she eagerly went down there, rubbed, and licked, and played with it - which was unbelievable to me. Seriously. I never really thought she'd do that. Meaning, even if she accepted the whole concept because it was something I wanted to do, I never thought she'd be comfortable with "playing" with it. I never thought she'd embrace it being there.

Then, she blew my mind even further. While down there, she made comments like "you know what, I think I'll leave you in it longer." And after a while, she said "that's enough teasing for you. Maybe you'll get more tomorrow. Maybe not."

I could not believe it. It was phenomenal. I sort of went nuts on her. I went to town on her and brought her off on two incredible O's with my tongue! After that, I was so amped up, I blurted out that I'd love to give up all my orgasms if I could give her those kinds of orgasms and her response surprised me. She laughed and said "I'd gladly give up all your orgasms for those orgasms."

I was sky high. It was wonderful. Everything was going very well, and we had some great days immediately thereafter, but eventually, things fell apart.


Giles English said...

Oh, interesting. Did you fail to follow up, or push too hard?

At all Times said...

Clearly you have some major issues in your marriage that are impacting on the development of your WLM. A lot of people say that in order for this dynamic to work you do need a stable loving relationtion to start with. I hope that you can sort things out and that you both get what you want in life.

Another One said...

Giles - actually, neither. Which is more fully explained below.

AAT - You are exactly correct. We definitely needed to work some things out there had been there a while and were causing more and more strife. Because of that, because of our normally busy lives, and because we had many "events" that occurred (death, marriages, being sick etc.), all of our play ceased.

Our current situation is one that I will address later.

Susan's Pet said...

It would be great if I could say with confidence, "Glad to see that you have made such terrific progress." Alas, based on your hints, I am waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Another One said...

Yes, Susan's Pet - the other shoe will drop, though it's not such a bad thing.