Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Next Couple of Days

After she returned from her vacation, we were returning to our normal lives. Well, except for me, because I had the device on for days she was on vacation, and now for a couple of days when she returned.

I guess I should explain a little bit about how I was feeling during this time. I was feeling very good, both in my own situation and in my situation with her. It was difficult to not text her about us and steer the discussion about the chastity device. I wanted to talk about the situation 24/7 just because it was so much on my mind. Realizing that approach would not work, it was a struggle.

Given that, I was a little bummed that she did not bring up the situation very often. We briefly discussed, but that was mostly right after she returned. There was not any major discussion by her asking me about the device, how she felt about it, felt about me wearing it, or how I felt about wearing it.

I was being ridiculous in retrospect, though, because the one night was phenomenal! Sitting there on pins and needles waiting to see what happened the next was being selfish on my part.

Two funny things happened after that night. First, in my effort to talk about the device but also not go crazy talking about the device, I decided to text her something funny/innocuous. I ended up texting her, saying that having to sit to pee everytime was different and kind of a pain in the ass. Her response did not surprise me, it was typical of my wife, and I truly loved it. She texted back "Funny about you having to sit. Kinda like that. Means you think of me everytime." And that is one of the reasons I love her so much. Her response was 100% right - I did think of her everytime I had to sit. She also didn't send it in the "porn dom" way, she wasn't playing a script, or saying it because that's what she thought I wanted to hear. Her response was natural. It is who she is.

The episode happened while I was at work. The thing is that once we have those exchanges, she has me thinking about her all the time and I just want to keep texting with her. That would be a bad decision on my part, so I'm always having to hold back.

Anyway, by the time I got home I was all worked up. Shocking, I konw, but still. The second thing that was funny was we were just hanging out and she casually mentioned that she couldn't remember where she had left the keys to the device. Now, this was not said in the sexy, teasing, I'm screwing with you sort of way. This was said in the very typical way my wife loses things! She also didn't mean it in the "I'm pretending that you'll be locked forever" way because she knew were one of the keys were, just not what she did with the second one. That type of interaction is fun and part of what I had hoped would come out of utilizing the device. It also led me to believe that she was enjoying the situation.

Ultimately, that night I was finally let out. She didn't make any big fanfare about letting me out. She simply went and got the key and opened it up. It was fantastic from my point of view just watching her open it and take the device off.

The problem I had mentioned earlier was that despite trying to clean it every day in the shower, I wasn't ever able to get it completely cleaned because I couldn't touch it (of course), so when she took it off, she wasn't entirely happy with the state of cleanliness. I know that turned her off a bit. She did end up teasing me for a bit and then using her hands, brought me off. It was very very satisfying. Though as any man who is interested in chastity, I would be have been happier had she brought me just to the edge, then stopped, then put me back into the device!

After bringing me off, I did reciprocate and then immediately wondered whether she would put me into the cage.

She did not. And since that time, she has never mentioned using it again.

But, if you jump to a conclusion as to why it hasn't been used again, you'd be wrong because to this day, I don't fully know the answer to that question.

The reason being, very soon right after that night, there was a death in the family, we had weddings we had to go to, we both got sick, and then there was also the other issue with her that we had to resolve.

You can imagine that the death put stress into the dynamic that didn't put us in the mood. The weddings also added stress, being sick too. But even with those, our other issue was bigger, in my mind, because it dealt with "us." Sounds weird to say, but I'm not going to explain that specific issue, but will say it is something that we are both committed to working on together and it's getting fixed. (No, she didn't cheat on me, if that's what some have asked.) I've also said that it's not the type of thing that can be fixed immediately, so time will be necessary.

All of that doesn't get us up to the current date. There were some other things that happened that are blog worthy that are upcoming.


Weave said...

Thanks for your posts. Yes, imagining the "ignore" the topic frustrations -- and the fun that ultimately, er, erupted! Best wishes to you two...!

At all Times said...

Even allowing for all the other things going on, I am guessing that you would hoped for some more reaction, interest from your wife in respect of the device.

I am sure that's just how Jane would react, tolerate, ignore, remove, but not ask or insist that it was put back on.

Another One said...

AAT - Correct. I would have loved more. I think that she viewed it as a little play thing, so once it was off, she was done with it.

She is not the type that ever suggests anything in the bedroom. She's willing to do things (obviously), but even though we've had vibrators for a long time, she's never once pulled it out on her own. (Well, maybe she has when I'm not there ----- :))

sub cuckhubby said...

You will find as time goes on that the "porn dom" speak will be all but non-existent. If and when your wife finds her comfort zone with this, she will most likely never speak in those types of terms. The good thing is, she just being herself while at the same time taking control will prove even hotter in the long run.

A little advice on the chastity play. Whenever she takes it off, you should immediately go wash up and make a clean presentation for her. My wife really appreciates that. Also, show an elevated sense of appreciation and adoration when she does release you. Then she'll see how keeping you locked can benefit her.

Another One said...

sub cuckhubby - you brought up a great point on the washing when being let out! I will use that in the future. (In fact, I used that idea in my next post)

And I couldn't agree more about the "porn dom" stuff. We've actually had discussions around that, where I've tried to talk with her taking control etc., and she's tried to sound like that "porn dom" type talk. We both agreed that was not the way to do it! Sounded goofy and silly from her and my suggestion to her was to just be natural with it.

Susan's Pet said...

With all that has gone on I don't see how you can still concentrate on the chastity thing.

About having to sit, bad boy. Read my post on You might learn something.