Monday, July 25, 2011

Monthly Visitor

It's my wife's time of the month and like many women, she does not feel well. PMS definitely occurs. She and I were discussing it last night and she was recognizing she was being "bitchy." Of course, I told her last night it didn't bother me and I understood what was going on.

So, I'm looking to my readers to provide some suggestions on something I could "go through" once a month when she was also going through it. I'm not looking for something "sexual" - I'm thinking more of either a service type thing (massage or something) or something I have to "suffer" through.

I do not want to suggest me being locked in the device, because I don't want to only associate that with her not feeling well!

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

I didn't have the balls yesterday to tell her it was Femdom Day, but as she was leaving the house to do some errands, she mentioned that she wanted to sit down with me later and come up with a meal plan for the week. As soon as she left, I downloaded a weekly meal planner from (BTW - that is a great site for ideas) I planned the entire week with not only the meals, but also recipes. I prepared the shopping list too. When she returned, I presented it to her and asked her to add anything to shopping list so I could that for her. She was very impressed!! Made me feel very good.


Tamara said...

Actually, I'm not quite sure what you are talking about: PMS, i.e. pre-menstrual syndrome, or discomfort during her period.

I cannot say much on the topic of PMS, because I don't think I have it (except for some breast tenderness). I can be moody and bitchy at any time in my cylce...

As for menstrual discomfort, I think the best thing would be to ask her. When I have cramps (which is not often the case (magnesium and orgasms help in my case) I appreciate being supplied with hot-water bottles, tea and, if need be, pain-killers.
There might be also some types of massages that may alleviate the symptoms, but I don't know.

I don't think it would make me feel better to see my husband "suffer", too. However, I like the idea of solidarity. E.g., if I was pregnant and therefore had to go without certain kinds of food, I would appreciate if my partner wouldn't eat those things, either. - So, if your wife abstains from doing certain things she likes during her period (there are women who like going swimming but don't do so when they are menstruating, for example), you could abstain from certain things you enjoy, too. - But that's just an idea that might work for me. Your wife may prefer something completely different.

Another One said...

Tamara - thank you for your insights. To clarify - she generally feels bloated and crampy during PMS, but it also continues throughout the actual period. In other words, she feels discomfort both pre and during.

As for the "suffering", I threw that out there to be more general because I didn’t want to limit the type of responses. It doesn’t have to mean that I would also go through “pain,” but more like you intimated: that I also give up something or I do something for her. My thought process was to do something that is overt, where we both know and recognize that it is being done for/with her during her time. This way, even if I can’t specifically alleviate her discomfort, when she saw what I was doing or had going on, it would be a concrete reminder I’m there for her and want to help her.

Susan's Pet said...

I commend you for your wanting to help. This is really a simple and benign situation. Ask her what she wants! Then do it.

At all Times said...

Jane suffers with PMS and PMS, that's pre and post. During this time, all I can do is avoid annoying her and do whatever she wants. Sexual contact is not an option or welcomed, so I put it out of my mine.