Thursday, January 24, 2013


More "boring", undeniably non-kinky stuff, but stuff she's loving more and more.

I did her toes on Tuesday night.  Just completely causal, both of us on the bed, watching tv, while I worked on making them nice.  They came out okay.  Not as good as I hoped.  The polish actually looked nice, but what I have not mastered yet is all of the other work that needs to be done to the toes to get them looking ready for the polish.  I did cut the nails in an effort to make them nice and round and smooth, but they were different lengths.  One pinkie toe nail was much smaller than the other one.  The other thing I didn't do well was pay attention to the cuticles.  I didn't remove any, lotion it or anything else.  So while the polish looked nice, with no smudges or missteps, the toes could have been better.

But, she mentioned many times on Wednesday that she was very happy with her toes and was happy whenever she saw them.  So that was great.

While at work yesterday, I decided to get a single rose for her and the plan was to, either while she was still sleeping (many times, she's still asleep before I leave for work) I would put the rose on the bed with a little love note.  I had the rose and the note ready and she was actually up and working by the time I left this a.m. While she was down stairs working, I quickly made the bed, folded her pajamas, and put the note and flower on the bed in the middle.

Got a text from her saying how much she loved it and it made her week!  In an effort to be playful, I teased her a bit, texting back "what, no more comments about making the bed and the pajamas?  Getting stale already?"  Her response was "NO!  Don't stop doing that.  I love it."

I'm going to start integrating making the coffee in the morning for her.  I've tried to do that in the past, but she's kind of persnickety on how she likes her coffee.  I need to figure out how to make it the same way she likes it.

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Anonymous said...

Nice to read your posts and see how things are working out so well.

I'm not in an FLR, well not acknowledged anyway....and I've made my wife's coffee for a few years now. She waits for me to make it and usually comments how she likes it better when I make it. So, by all means figure out how yours likes it :)

By the way, what you are writing is not boring stuff. It is excellent to see what is working for you and just the every day things we can do for our wives.