Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ahhhhh, that wonderful feeling

It is the little things.  I've mentioned the toenails before and how it isn't that important to her.  She likes it, but nothing special.  She had a pedicure from a salon a long long time ago and about 2 weeks ago it was wearing off.  She made a comment about how I'd have to do her toes for her soon.  It was a passing comment and nothing further was said about it.

Two days ago, she mentioned that I'd have to do her toes again.  I had made up my mind when she told me, that I would I would do her toes the first chance I got.  We couldn't do it that night, nor could we do it last night.  She did say last night "I took the polish off my toes today, but you're going to have to cut them and paint them tomorrow.  I'm not going to ask, you're just going to do it."  It was said in her happy, matter of fact, normal, voice.  I was feeling great, because without probably fully understanding everything, I do feel like she IS understanding the relationship, the power, our roles, and what makes us both happy.

It got even better though.  I've continued my habit of, as soon as I arrive home, making the bed and folding her pajamas on her side of the bed.  Last night, as we were getting in bed, she said that while she knows she's said it before, having the bed made and her pajamas folded is just such a nice thing, it makes her so happy, that she can't imagine it not happening in the future.  She said she hopes it never ends.  I told her that her reaction is the exact reason I do it for her.

It's getting better and better.  And now I've got to start thinking of more ways to keep this up for her.

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I'm-Hers said...

Wouldn't you concur that men want kink and that feeling of 'submissiveness' while their wives simply want to be served and know that they are the ones in control - no kink, no play, just make me happy and obey me without question. Great post.