Thursday, February 9, 2012

Modern Family Did it Again

I've mentioned the Modern Family TV show before, specifically as it had the cuckolding tinged episode.

Well, last night's episode included another little issue of a "cheating spouse", but but also some cross-dressing. For a very good description of the cross-dressing aspect, read "" Stana did a great summary and all I'd be doing is cutting and pasting hers if I tried to summarize it. (As Stana pointed out, you can watch the full episode here: Anyway, the "sister dressed me" scenario is a typical fantasy for many cross-dressers, and I'm sure having two sisters willing and wanting to dress him up hit home to many viewers. What was most refreshing was the acceptance by the parents upon returning home. It's one thing to be accepted by siblings, but all too often the child is shunned by the parents.

The other sub-plot was a cheating spouse. It wasn't really cuckolding like addressed before, but it did involve another person hitting on the guy's wife in front him. The husband and wife had a potential client for the husband's real estate business come over for dinner. During the dinner, there was a mention that the dining room table needed to be fixed, but the husband said he left his tools in his office. The wife felt during the dinner that the client was hitting on her, and upon leaving the house, the client kissed her on the lips. This did not bother the husband at all, instead he was focusing on whether the person would become a client.

The fact that the husband did not see and/or appreciate the kiss made the wife a little angry. The next day, the client came over to the wife's house, while the husband was away, to fix her dining room table. He had his shirt off. When the husband came home, he thought nothing of it, even though the client said "I just came over to give your wife the tool she needed." Again, this did not bother the husband in the least since the client said he would give the listing for the house to the husband. The wife was angry at the husband for not being mad that the client was hitting on her. Now, it wasn't like the wife wanted the guy to hit on her, or that she was enjoying his attentions, it was just bothersome to her that her husband was not upset.

The interesting part, though, was the end. They ultimately went to the client's house for dinner and there, it was clear that the guy was not hitting on the wife. The wife apologized to the husband, and then the wife visibly relaxed. At that point she realized he wasn't hitting on her and she began to enjoy his company. The client told a joke and the wife began laughing and it appeared now, to the husband, that she liked the guy. It was only then that the husband got angry, because he felt that the wife was "falling" for the other guy. It wasn't really that he felt she was falling for him, but he was jealous that she seemed to really enjoy this other guy.

I've actually never really understood why some men freak out if someone hits on their wife if the wife is not reciprocating. I know that back in my single days, there were several times when I out and started casually talking to a woman, only to have a boyfriend/husband show up and get all pissy at me, telling me she was taken etc. I guess I know why - they are insecure about the relationship, but still. Seems more disrespectful to the woman since you apparently don't trust her or her love.

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lovetosubmit said...

I think we get a little too amped up about this sort of thing. The fact that when we hook up in a monogamous relationship, perhaps get married, doesn't stop that fact that we are still attracted to others. I will probably do a double take every time I see a woman in a bikini. My wife may not like that, but I think she acknowledges that is the way we are programmed. And she is the same way, she just repressed it for a long time. She points out men she thinks are hot and it doesn't bother me in the slightest.

I am flattered by some (minor) flirting that happens say, when I am getting a haircut or getting a Starbucks. I won't cheat on my wife, but that sort of thing does boost my self-esteem. it makes me feel good about myself, and makes me think that "I still have it". The flip side to this is we totally let ourselves go and just take our spouse for granted. For me, one of the funnest things about FLR is the fact that I am not resting on my laurels, but rather still wooing/pursuing her. It reminds me of the tension I had when I was dating. It is nerve-racking but super exciting too. Did I please her enough that she feels like I deserve an orgasm? The thrill of the unknown is a rush.

I don't really know if my wife actually flirts or is flirted with. I hope so. I think it would build her confidence and make her feel sexy, for when she gets home to me. Sorry for the ramble.