Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love it

What do I love? I love the saggy breasts. I love that she's clearly in a home and it's not a porn shoot. I love the stretch marks. I love that smile on her face. I love that tousled hair. I love the fact that, from what I can see, I have the same strap-on. I love that she allowed the photo to be taken.

Here's the thing - this woman is sexy because of all of those things. Attitude, self-confidence, comfortable in her own skin.


lovetosubmit said...

I agree with your comment about attitude, self-confidence, and being comfortable in her own skin. I would say that confidence is about the sexiest thing. When my wife is clear about what she wants, she is not afraid to tell me what to do or how to pleasure her, and she doesn't feel guilt about her sexuality: that sends me through the roof. I find that to be irresistable.


Susan's Pet said...

Although I prefer women well-endowed in all respects, I agree with your in every item. This picture is better than any posed pornographic female.

Anonymous said...

Saggy breasts?! Really? Looks like they are implants or very full. As for stretch marks and confidence and hotness factor I agree.

Another One said...

Anon - now that you mention it, the left one looks rather round, so it may be an implant, but the right one looks too saggy to be an implant.

Not that either way matters much to me. Not a big fan of implants, but they don't bother me.

vs-boy said...

Those breasts look perfectly fine to me. Her attitude is perfectly fone too.

I'd totally let her, if she wanted to :)