Thursday, October 20, 2011

Light Hearted Stuff

Modern Family:
Anyone see the most recent "Modern Family" tv show? If you did, did you get a kick out of the subtle cuckolding aspect? Yes, this show is on normal, national broadcast tv, so they weren't going anywhere "naughty", and the joke was that it was all just a big misunderstanding (she goes out with her gay brother and she thinks the hot friend is also gay, so she's very open with him, but he turns out to be straight).

But for those of us aware of the cuckolding scene, they were rather obvious. As soon as her husband is gone, she gets all dolled up for a night on the town. She is flirty, has the guy take off her dress so she can try on new clothes, and buys a short red dress with him. The fact that she gets "found out" by the rest of the women in the neighborhood.

And really, if you know anything about the show and the characters in it, she is most definitely in charge in that marriage.

Breast Cancer.

Also, here is some funny, yet supremely important, information about breast cancer.

And even though TopKat really tried to help me, I'm not sure if I succeeded in providing the link, so you might have to cut and paste.


H said...

I am going to start watching this show now

Another One said...

Oh, it can be a funny show - but make no mistake - that episode was not supposed to be any reference to cuckolding! I saw a lot of the elements, and she definitely wears the pants in that family, but the show will not provide anything remotely overt.

Anonymous said...

I saw the show that episode. Modern Family is always funny. She is most definitely in charge of the marriage and her husband ultimately does what pleases her.

Cuckolding did cross my mind during that episode but it is very unlikely her character would go that far. I loved it though since it kind of brought out that subject in my relationship. A woman going out with another man and getting all sorts of attention.