Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Things are going nicely

And slowly, but in a good way.

Since that night, there has been more intimacy, even just sitting on the couch together, instead of doing different things.

Monday night, I was unbelievably horny, but knew she was tired and not in the mood. In bed, I was pressed so close to her, just to be able to feel that contact. Nothing happened, but I definitely spooned her and kept touching her throughout the night. At one point, she told me to scoot away.

It was funny because out of the blue on Tuesday she sent an email saying that she knew what I was doing on Monday night and to stop it! She meant it in a playful, funny way and it was much appreciated.

This hasn't turned into a 24/7 tease and denial session and, of course, I never expected it to. We are still gradually engaging in this and it will be interesting to see where it goes.

From my perspective, it is going great though!


At all Times said...

It's funny, but not surprising really, that unlike pre sub man, post sub man likes to spoon, to touch, and cuddly up to his wife without feeling the urge to have sex or orgasm, but his wife still thinks he is "after" sex. Once she has learned that thios is not the case and that she controls your sex life from now on, you can move on together.

Another One said...

I definitely liked to spoon and cuddle her before any of this. We are very compatible in this regard.

In this instance, however, she stated I was much more "on her" that usual. She was correct! And being that horny, I guess I was "after sex", though not specifically.

As for her learning that she controls it ..... that will be a post coming up.