Thursday, December 9, 2010

Daily Viewing

I can't go a more than a couple of days without being tempted to view this tumblr:

It's phenomenal.

And of course, here's a great photo from there:

I doubt I really need to point out why this photo is so alluring to me - books/panties/key. Wow


lovetosubmit said...

Nice photo, thanks for finding yourbootblack.

I think my wife would approve of this photo ~ she doesn't like me seeing nude women, but I think suggestively clothed is ok, and she is ok with the men being nude - eye candy for her!

Are you under lock and key? I have a CB-6000S, we've played with it on and off, but it doesn't appear likely that we will continue with it, except under exceptional conditions (when she is out of town). I definitely do enjoy the symbolism of the key, and it seems that keys on necklaces are quite popular now!

Anonymous said...

please explain the photo of dec 2cd

Another One said...

Lovestosubmit - I am not under lock and key. I wish, wish, wish, wish that I was. Heck, I'm not even in honor chastity, let alone a lock and key. We've done chastity before, but when the game ends, she never initiates it again.

Anonymous - well, the explanation for the Dec 2nd pic is in the comments section for that post.