Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A little fun.

So, there is a young coach that my wife has hired for two of my kids for a sport. Apparently, he's rather good looking, information which my wife casually mentioned at a dinner party. She had never mentioned it to me before.

Furthering the conversation when we got home, she completely downplayed the entire thing. She said while he was cute, he was way too young for her, she didn't really think about him etc.

Now, while I like the cuckolding concept in fantasy, I highly highly doubt that I would ever even consider it. There would have to be a whole lot of discussion well before it would occur. More importantly, unless she's completely lying to me and I have no reason to ever believe that she is lying, she states she has zero desire to actually cheat on me.

When we were discussing this guy, it was totally relaxed, non-confrontational, just us talking. I took her at her word.

Later that night, I decided to have a little fun with her, just to see if she would go for it. When we were in bed and kissing, I started a little role playing pretending to be the guy, calling her by her married name "Mrs. [Smith], I'm glad you have the kids in my camp. I've been watching you and always thought you were so hot" and that sort of thing. She resisted doing it for a while, but I persisted, and eventually she came around. It was playful. I could tell it was more funny to her than sexy.

Definitely not something I ever expect for her to try to implement on her own. It was fun though.


Florida Dom said...

Good idea. Sounds like it was fun.


Anonymous said...

Wow... just picturing this all. Wonder if she'll think differently over time.