Monday, February 7, 2011


Too many for my liking! But she wants it, she's in control, so she gets what she wants.

What we haven't had, however, is more frequent events. Part of that was due to a visit from the monthly visitor. The other half is how busy we are. And channeling my best Yogi Berra, the other half is her not embracing the control as much I would have hoped or thought. Still, we are young in the game and we'll see where it goes.


Anonymous said...

IMHO I'd suggest you stop counting and just go with it. She is in control, after all.

Grey Owl said...

I agree... count your blessings instead. Enjoy!

Another One said...

Good points.

After reading my post, and the comments, I should point out that what I am seeking is more of her requiring me to service her with me being denied. I'm not seeking more frequent orgasms at all - just the opposite.

As GreyOwl pointed out, though, I should be focusing more on the positive! I will do so.