Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A fantasy of mine

As part of the orgasm control, and control in general, this photo (among the others I've previously posted), definitely hits a nerve for me.

As I imagine it, she teases me throughout the day, telling me that maybe tonight we'll play. When the times comes, she says I'm due for a little penetrative sex. With a wicked smile, she pulls this out and, of course, brings me to the edge, but refuses to let me come.


sissy moan said...

Another One,

this sissy can perfectly understand why you think this picture and situation is hot!

Oh, how humiliating it is if there is a real hot Woman and you are not allowed to put your little thingy into Her ... just because you are way too small to do so anyway...!

And then She shows mercy with you and grants you at least a mercy fuck with your artificial pussy ... and just before you spurt your cream...!

Oh yes, i really know why She has this wicked smile in Her face! And i know that i'd anything to be Her pet!

Thank you for posting,
sissy moan

Sheen V said...

Add me to the list of those that share this fantasy!